Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday: August 19, 2010

This Thursday....we have to say a special thank you. Not to a someone, because she didn't want recognition. But you all should know there's a crafter who sent gorgeous cards to a couple of our shippers, and simply called herself "An Honored American." How touching! This is one of her beautiful cards, and though she didn't want recognition, her heart represents that of so many of our OWH family.

*big smile*

Now, on to the report for the week...thank you everyone for your amazing creativity and donations shared with us for our heroes....our work continues day after day, week after week, month after month - because of you!

  1. Sandra E. of Old Hickory, TN, thanks for all this Hero Mail! Awesome!!
  2. Lynn R, High River, Alberta Canada - WOW! You did it! You filled a box, way to go! Beautiful work :) :) :)
  3. Thank you Scrapbook Concepts Card Makers of Florence, SC! Your cards are outstanding! So many designs!
  4. Ruthanne A. of Blairsville, GA, thank you for the cards, Hero Mail, and donation! You made me laugh out loud!!
  5. Marge M. of Wayne, NJ, thanks for the terrific cards! Thanksgivig cards are fabulous!
  6. Mary A, Port Arkansas, TX, I love your cards and our heroes will too! Thank you for the donation too....another box heading overseas thanks to you :)
  7. Meredyth P. of Grand Rapids, MI, thank you for all the lovely cards! You're very talented!
  8. Thank you, Ziff Brothers Investments of New York, NY, for the cards for our heroes!!
  9. Thank you, Virginia S. of St Augustine, FL for your generous donation for shipping!
  10. Michelle S. of Pendleton, IN, thank you for these clever cards for our heroes!
  11. Sandi G. of St. Petersburg, FL, thank you for these cards!! You're so clever!
  12. Cynthia D, Orem UT - cute cute cards, thanks so much for your AnyHero notes and donation too!
  13. Thank you card makers at the Glenmoor Lifecare Community in St. Augustine, FL!! Wow! You all are talented!
  14. Cindy W. of Randolph, NJ, beautiful cards! Thank you! Love the "What's brewing?" cards! Clever!
  15. Eileen M and friends, St Marys PA - oh my! Your best box of cards yet, thanks so much!!
  16. Particia F. of Hixson, TN, thank you for the cards and donation! LOVE the birthday cards for dads! Clever!
  17. Betty B. of Conroe, TX, thank you for these lovely cards! Such a nice variety you sent!!
  18. Carol P, Peoria AZ, your cards are such a treasure, thank you! And your continued generosity with shipping donations is so appreciated :)
  19. Nancy M, Fremont CA - I always love getting your boxes, thanks once again!
  20. Sheila G, Puyallup WA - awesome half and half cards---you're such a wizard with your cricut!
  21. Tracy C. of Allentown, PA, great collection of cards! The holiday cards are my favorites! Thanks for the Hero Mail too!
  22. Lily H. of Pittsburgh, your cards take my breath away! I'm dusting off my calligraphy pen nibs!! Thanks for the cards and the generous donation!
  23. Cecilia S. of Red Bank, NJ, thank you for these uique cards for our heroes! Thanks for the Hero Mail too! Awesome!
  24. Marcheta P. of Middletown, OH, thank you for this huge collection of beautiful cards for our heroes! Wow!!
  25. Kathay P, Humble TX....bless you for your ongoing generosity! Our shipping budget appreciates you :) :) :)
  26. Lindy C, Seattle WA - your special long cards are fantastic, thank you! :)
  27. Ellen H, Vancouver WA - your cards are only outdone by your hospitality - thank you!
  28. Diane S. of Raleigh, NC, thank you for the cards and the Hero Mail! Awesome cards for kids!
  29. Karen K, Murchison TX.....appreciate these Any Hero cards!!
  30. Cindy M and Friends of Checkered Cottage, St Louis MO....WOW! This box is full of fabulouness!! THANKS!
  31. Helen M, Spring Creek NV......what a great box of Halloween cards! Love them.
  32. Donna D, Junction City KS.....these are beautiful! Thanks so much.
  33. Debby M, Las Cruces NM......fabulous, gorgeous cards! Thanks so much.
  34. Melinda B, Tulare CA - these cards are lovely, our heroes are going to enjoy them!
  35. Sandra W, Las Vegas NV, what a wonderful first box, WOW! Awesome - thank you so much for everything!
  36. Esther E, Vancouver WA - thank you for the amazing cards - and the amazing vacation! You are awesome!!
  37. Anita A, Turlock CA, your cards are so darned cute, thank you so much! And for the donation as well, you're so generous!
  38. Jessica J of White Hall, VA and Deb H., thank you for these terrific cards for our heroes! Thank you too, Jessica, for the donation and the Hero Mail!
  39. Nancy M. of Henrietta, NY, thank you for the cards and the Hero Mail! You did a great job!!
  40. Barbara B and the 3rd graders at Turtle Rock - YOU rock! I love your AnyHero cards, just wonderful!
  41. Valerie B, Thronton CO.....thanks so much for these awesome cards!
  42. Reta M, Fair Oaks Ranch TX.....WOW! These are stunning!!
  43. Ann M, Hutchinson MN.....another fabulous package of cards! These are awesome.
  44. Mary S, Lenexa KS......another box of fabulous cards! Thank you.
  45. Faye F, Fargo ND......WOW! What an awesome box. Love your style!
  46. Karen K, Murchison TX.....thanks for this wonderful box of cards!
  47. Martie M, Dayton OH.......GORGEOUS! Love your style!
  48. Robin M, Oconomowoc WI......thanks so much for this fabulous box of cards! Love them.
  49. Sue A, Rockford IL......WOW! Stunning, fabulous cards!!
  50. Janice Z, Hays KS....Welcome to OWH! Your first package is full of awesome cards!
  51. Cathy G, Villa Park IL......thanks for these beautiful cards!
  52. Heather W, Tacoma WA - thanks so much for your cards and donation - your support for our heroes means so much!
  53. Vicki and friends at Treasured Memories .... you had the most successful crop, WOW! Another are amazing, thank you!
  54. Martie M, Dayton OH - your cards are so precious, thank you!
  55. Becky S, Cottage Grove MN.....thanks for this awesome box of cards. Love them!
  56. Kathie D, Antigo WI.....Welcome to OWH! Your first package was awesome!
  57. An Honored American......thank you for sending in these gorgeous cards!!
  58. Julie E, Santa Fe NM.....Welcome to OWH! Your cards are beautiful and much appreciated!
  59. Bev T, San Francisco CA - thanks so very much for your generous donation! :0)
  60. Janice A, Bountiful UT - I just love your cards, and I am positive our heroes do too...thanks so much for them! Your donations each time are such a huge blessing rock!
  61. Adriana G of Canada...these cards are lovely! Bless you!
  62. Caryl W, Lake Elsinore, CA, your cards are so pretty - we oohed and ahhhed while unpacking them! Thanks for your generous donation too!
  63. Adele and friends at Cardmaking Parties for OWH - thanks so much, your cards are all so unique and beautiful - special thanks for sorting so nicely too!
  64. Scrappin 9 to 9 crafters, Lake Havasu City AZ, wow on these great boxes of cards! Thanks for having an OWH party and making so many beauties!
  65. Penny D. of Auburn, ME, thank you for this terrific collection of cards! Halloween cards rock!
  66. Sherry H. of Arlington, VA, thank you for the cards, donation and Hero mail!! Awesome cards for kids!!
  67. Kris B of Athens, GA, thank you! Lovely cards! So many pretty designs! Thanks too for the donation!
  68. Lori R. of Springfield, VA, love the denim pocket cards! Thanks for ALL the cards!! Awesome!
  69. Casey W. of Chattanooga, TN, thank you for this terrific collection of cards! Something for everyone! Thanks too for the Hero Mail and donation!
  70. Jeanine D. of Cleveland, TN, thank you for the cards! You sent such a nice variety! Love the "Gummy worms!" Thanks too for the Hero Mail!
  71. Sharon M. of Joplin, MO, thanks for the Halloween and fall cards! Love the spiders! Paper ones, that is!
  72. Jill B. of Hamburg, PA, thank you for the cards! Love the fall paper colors! Great sentiments!
  73. Alice J and Prospect Heights Public Library and Park District.....thank you so much for adding OWH to your events calendar and gathering all of these cards and Any Hero letters.
  74. Colleen M and Pilgrim Park Church Camp, Princeton IL.....thanks so much for these great cards, especially the awesome Any Hero letters!
  75. Thank you Debby L of Lexington, SC and ALL who helped make this huge box of cards! There was a lot of love in that box!
  76. Thank you to The Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey for ALL these greeting cards and Hero cards! You all did a fabulous job! Thanks Diane C. for pulling it all together!
  77. Nancy K, Hattiesburg MS.....another awesome package of cards. THANK YOU!
  78. Jeanne B, Champaign IL......FABULOUS!! These are great cards, thanks so much!
  79. Mary K, Wright City MO.....Awesome cards! Thank you!
  80. Collette L, Wauconda IL.....Absolutely stunning!!! These are gorgeous. Thank you.
  81. Siobhan S, Lyndonville VT......thanks for these great Any Hero letters. The heroes that read them will be thrilled.
  82. Rosalie R, Macomb are a rock star!! So many packages so many awesome cards!
  83. Robin G of Manchester, NH, thank you for these clever cards! Pretty designs and paper!!
  84. Caro H. of Mint Hill, NC, thanks for the cards! Thanks for picking up that BIG box too!!
  85. Jennifer M, Romeoville IL......awesome cards! Thank you so much for these beautiful creations!
  86. Ava K, Plainfield IL.....thanks so much for these great pictures. Our heroes will love hanging them up to decorate their spaces.
  87. Cheryl K, Crest Hill IL.....WOW! What gorgeous cards! Thank you.
  88. Sandy R, Manchester MO.......thanks for these beautiful cards!
  89. Bonnie B, Blooming Prairie MN......another great package of beautiful cards. THANKS!
  90. Anonymous, Katy TX.....thanks so much for these awesome Christmas cards.
  91. Tracy T. of Murfreesboro, TN, thank you for this terrific box of cards! So many clever designs! Wonderful!
  92. Thank you Carol L of Gilbertsville, PA and Jill D and Cherie too!! Wonderful cards for our heroes to send home to family and friends! Well done!
  93. Brenda M. of Independence, KY, thank you for the cards and the hero mail! Awesome cards! So pretty!
  94. Melissa C, Karen G, and Christina M, thank you for these beautiful cards for our heroes! Just beautiful! Thanks too for the hero mail!!
  95. MANY thanks to the Scrapbook Art/ Card Group in Lewis Center (Columbus), OH! Wowzers! Lots of talent in this group! Thanks too for the Hero Mail and the donation!
  96. Janet S, Astoria OR, thanks for sharing your talents with our heroes - they're going to love using your cards!
  97. Karen J, Astoria OR, I love your cards, and our heroes will too - thank you!!!
  98. Linda B, Burien WA - thanks for the Christmas and other themed cards - they're really beautiful!
  99. Andrea M, Ithaca NY, thank you soooo much - your cards with the digis are especially adorable!
  100. Nancy K and friends at Uncon Stake, Idaho - your cards are even cuter in real life than online - thank you!!
  101. Rich B, Sacramento CA - thank you for your very generous donation!! Wow, you're awesome!


SuzAnn said...

AWESOME! Love the unselfishness of crafters.

TK Cat Herder said...

What a gorgeous card, Honored American! Wonderful.