Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thankful Thursday: August 5, 2010

This week our shippers processed 9,497 cards! If last week's envelope math holds true, and all those had each taken 10 seconds to stamp 'n tuck, that would equate to 26 hours of labor just in receiving them. However, most fortunately, we're getting more and more packages that are stamped, tucked, sorted, and ready to roll. Thank you all for your diligent efforts to help our shippers out!

This great card photo is one that was found in Sandy's iPhoto, apparently never shared it seemed a good time to bring you a smile! How cute is this? The child who made this has likely made someone's day...I wonder who it was sent home to!  (I love the cookpot hat on his head!)

Many many thanks to all our cardmakers and financial donors this week - you're keeping us going!
  1. Hannah M, Naples FL....thanks for these awesome cards and the extra goodies for our Heroes!
  2. Toni W, Beaverton OR - thanks for the awesome cardfronts!
  3. Laura O, Cottontown TN, love your cards!! So cute - thanks for your ongoing support for our heroes!!
  4. Helen R, New York NY - your cards are so sweet! Love the puppy with the sunglasses, it made me smile!
  5. Lina W, Hampton VA, thanks so much - don't worry, you'll love the fall colors when you get used to them. Summer's still out the window!
  6. Jan R and friends, thanks so much for the cards! Cute!!
  7. Margaret A of Castelton, VT, thank you for these beautiful cards and the hero mail! So many sentiments! Awesome!
  8. Sybilla G of Gilbertsville, PA, thanks for these terrific cards! So many different designs! Well done!
  9. Carole Ann S and friends, The Woodlands TX......This box of cards ROCKS!!! Thanks.
  10. Diane B, Edina MN......Welcome to OWH!!! This is an awesome first package. Thank you.
  11. Debby K, Fond du Lac WI.....awesome cards! Thanks so much!
  12. Gail Ann C of Kennedy, NY, thanks for the cards and donation! Love the patriotic cards!
  13. Cammi E, Spokane WA - thanks so much for your cards - and the sweet note! Love hearing about a family full of heroes :) Your donation is a huge blessing too!
  14. Angela B, Castro Valley CA - thank you for your generous donation! People like you make it possible to keep up our work!
  15. Donna P of Jacksboro, TN, thank you for this terrific collection of cards! Love the flowers!
  16. Jane H of Cuyahoga Falls, OH, thank you for this great collection of cards for our heroes! Well done!
  17. Thank you to Pam B. and her sister and friends in White Lake , MI!! Super duper cards! Thanks for tucking and the extra envelopes too!
  18. Donna D, Junction City KS......these cards are awesome! Thanks!
  19. Krystal M and Customers of Archiver's in Novi MI.....WOW! These cards are gorgeous! Thanks for having Sunday Crops to benefit OWH!
  20. Parkwood Baptist Women's Ministry and Sandra A of Concord, NC, thank you for these terrific cards! Well done! ALL of you!
  21. Lynn P. of Charlotte, NC, thank you for the "Missing You" cards! Well done!!
  22. Linda B and Fran M, Mad Hatters of the Historic Village of Old Bridge in East Brunswick, NJ, thank you for the huge collection of beautiful cards! Well done!
  23. Caro H of Mint Hill, NC, thanks for another great collection of cards! Rock on!
  24. Cindee N. of Harrisburg, PA, thank you for the cards and donation! The cards with the google eyes are hysterical!
  25. Thank you to Sue S. and the students at Hanna More School in Reisterstown, MD for the cards and the Hero Mail and the shipping donation!!
  26. Susan D, Tinley Park IL......a FANTABULOUS package of cards!!! Thanks so much!!
  27. Paula S. of Stamford, CT, Many thanks for the awesome cards and generous donation for shipping! Thanks too for the liners!! So helpful!!
  28. Pat M of Greensboro, GA, awesome cards! Thanks too for the donation! Perfectly packaged! Wowzers!
  29. Cheryl B. of Manchester, NH, thanks for the cards! Great Halloween stuff! Needed those birthday cards!
  30. Wendy W. in Easton, PA, awesome cards! Thanks! Those Christmas cards are gorgeous!
  31. Patricia B of Winchester, VA, thanks for all the cards...especially the google eyed card! HAHA!!
  32. Melissa S. of Tucker, GA, gorgeous cards for our heroes! Thank you for sharing your talent!
  33. Deborah A, Hoyt KS.....what wonderful, gorgeous cards! Thanks so much.
  34. Ms Roth, Columbus WI.....WOW! What a box of cards. Thank you.
  35. Jane E, Garden Grove CA, so many lovely cards and so many themes, thanks so much! These are wonderful!
  36. Lee Mae E, Silverdale WA, your cards are so cute, love your style!! Thanks for them all!
  37. Angela B, Castro Valley CA, thank you so very much for the fantastic cards!! You've been busy!!! :)
  38. Lina W, Hampton VA, love your cards - the papers are so cute!
  39. Elissa K of Harrisburg, NC, thank you for the shipping donation! Good luck with the new job!
  40. Pat C. of Ruby, NY, your cards are gorgeous and your custom envelopes are amazing! So clever! Thanks too for the shipping donation!
  41. Stephanie and Robin G, New York NY - thanks so much, love all your new designs! Your donation is a big help, bless you :)
  42. Marianne C, Naches WA, thanks for the perfectly packed package of pretties! :) :) :) The AnyHero letters and donation are MUCH appreciated too!
  43. Martha B, Santa Rosa CA, your cards always make me SMILE! Love the sentiments you come up with, and your stamp selection is great. You're a blessing!
  44. Theresa D, Kent WA, thanks for the card dropoff - and the extra help stamping and tucking others' cards too! Great to meet you and Thomas. Thanks so much for the donation too!
  45. LCDR aren't supposed to be a donor, you're supposed to be a recipient! :) Thank you so much for the donation, it is extra special to know it means so much that you wanted to give back!
  46. Nora K, Melcher IA....thank you for these nice cards!
  47. Thanks Union Level Baptist Church, Women's Ministry Union for all the cards!
  48. Dana H. in N. Babylon, NY, thank you for the terrific cards! Our heroes will love them!
  49. Juliana B. of Philadelphia, PA, thank you for these gorgeous cards for our heroes! Awesome!
  50. Robin G, Rathdrum ID - beauuuuuutiful cards, thank you so very much!
  51. Kathleen F, Newbury Park CA, these cards are wonderful, and our heroes are going to enjoy writing home on them - thanks so much!
  52. Jodi E, Mesquite NV, your cards are wonderful, thanks for sharing your creativity! And our heroes will love all the mail!
  53. Velda S, Mesquite NV, your creations never cease to amaze me - thanks for the lovely cards! And allll the hero mail, wow!
  54. Ruth L, Post Falls ID - love all the great halloween cards, thanks much for each and every card for our half and half challenge :)
  55. SCAL Users Group in W. Salem, OH, thanks for another terrific batch of cards! Thanks too for the donation!
  56. Lisa S. of Jacksonville, FL, thank you for the cards and donation! I needed b'day cards!
  57. Danielle, S of Sunbury, PA, thanks for the cards and donation! LOVE the cards for kids!
  58. Patty S, Santee CA - wow, such a beautiful box of cards! Thanks for the hero mail and donation too!!!
  59. Heidi F, Billings MT - thanks so much for these awesome cards and donation!
  60. Dani M, American Fork UT - you indeed did everything right. Kudos!! And thanks so much for the special treat - guess where I'm having lunch tomorrow! :)
  61. Valerie G. of Amherst, MA, thanks for the beautiful cards and the generous donation!
  62. Lori R. of Springfield, VA, thank you for the cards! Love the pick-up truck!
  63. Kelly S. of North Port, FL, thank you for these terrific cards for our heroes! Well done!! Thanks too for the Hero Mail!!
  64. Nancy C, Hollister, you pack so much love into every box! Thank you!
  65. Gai J, Dallas TX.....another fabulous package! Thanks for your continued support.
  66. Linda K, Grant MI....another awesome package of cards! Love these!
  67. Michelle S and VFW Post 1078, Bucyrus OH.....thanks for these great cards!
  68. Sue K and For Keeps Sake, St Louis MO......awesome package of cards. These are wonderful...thanks!
  69. Kelly B, Apple Valley MN....these are wonderful! Love your style!
  70. Donna O. of Louisville, KY, thank you for the cards and donation! So many sentiments! Awesome!
  71. LeAnn M, St Paul MN.....awesome cards as always!! Thanks.
  72. LeAnn M, St Paul MN.....awesome cards as always!! Thanks.
  73. Yolanda D, Warrenton MO.....FABULOUS!!! Love these cards!!
  74. Joyce L. of Flushing, NY, thank you for this terrific collection of cards and generous donation! Something for everybody!
  75. Debbie R, Dixon MO.....AWESOME!! These are great!
  76. Janet H, San Mateo CA - I love your style, and our heroes will too! Thanks so much also for your generous donation!
  77. Janice D, Rochester MN.....WOW! Two boxes of awesome cards and a generous donation! THANKS!
  78. Many thanks to the Young Women (12-18) and their leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Tomball, TX!! Awesome cards, ladies!
  79. Lucinda S. of Indiana, PA, thank you for the cards and the hero mail! Love the chocolate strawberry! Yummy!
  80. Teresa K of Stauton, VA, thank you! These cards are terrific! Love the pumpkins!!
  81. Sara D, currently in Germany, thanks for the great cards and thanks to your family's service to our country!
  82. Mary P and Meadowbrook Christian Church.....WOW! What a great box of awesome cards!!
  83. Laura R, Madison WI......this is an awesome package of cards! Beautiful!
  84. Marlene C, Tampa FL.....another box of gorgeous cards!! Thank you very much.
  85. Suzann and everyone at St Ambrose, La Verne CA, thanks for pouring out your hearts into all these cards!
  86. Bev T, San Francisco CA, your cards are amazing, thank you so much!
  87. Evelyn C, Ridgecrest CA - thanks so much, your cards are really pretty!
  88. Dana N, Marysville WA - your box is so full of treasures - thank you!
  89. Terri D of Lexington, ME, awesome cards! Thank you for the cards and the donation!
  90. Barb H, Milton WI - thanks for the beautiful cards - the AnyHero notes and donation are much appreciated!
  91. Betty T, Salina KS......another fabulous box of cards. Thanks for having them in ready to ship condition!!
  92. Sharon F, Athens TX......WOW!! What a great package of awesome cards!!!!
  93. Lucinda S, Indiana PA - wow, thank you for the uber-generous donation!

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Adele said...

I know this card! It was made by my nephew-to-be at a card party I held at my house at the beginning of summer. I just called Miles to let him know he is famous. Hopefully we'll be able to get him to make a few more!!!

Congratulations Miles!