Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What goes in an OWH box?

Tonight, the car's been loaded up...this is just one week, just one shipper. Multiply this week after week by three, and you get the scale of what we're achieving!
  • 12 boxes
  • 3,996 cards (333 in each box)
  • including 204 AnyHero cards (17 in each box) *this wipes out Sandy's stash!
  • a handwritten letter to the contact in each box
  • a flyer, and 3 business cards to share in each
  • customs forms for each and every one
  • $150.00 for shipping!!
And out of the 12 boxes, 5 are going to some of the 27 heroes on our waiting list. The rest are this week's rotation from Sandy's "regulars" - with the five new ones, that rotation is now at 48 heroes who get a box every 5-6 weeks!

What waiting list, you ask? As we receive requests, we add them to a list on a private blog for our shippers. Each time a shipper has capacity to add another to their regular rotation, they snag the oldest name on the list.  The 27 heroes on the list now have only been there a few weeks or less - the one waiting longest signed up on August 8. Yes. that means 27 requests since August 8!

Please don't let this 'panic' anyone - keep on making beautiful cards! We'll get through the list. Take your time. Don't try to slap cards together just to get a lot made....we can't have them fall apart, or not meet up with the standard of beauty that our heroes are coming to expect! (Which is why they keep passing word to everyone else about our cards!) We want these cards to be so special that, if a card happens to be the only communication a family ends up with from their hero, that it is a card that lasts and becomes a treasure for them, not just a quickie without TLC poured into it!

Do you know any cardmakers who would like to join us? Send them an email, facebook them, or dial them up the old fashioned way and invite them to come over to make cards with you!


Rufus said...

OMG! Sandy, you're going to need a bigger car if this keeps up! The oldest has only been on there since 8-8?! I've said it before and I'll say it again, OWH ROCKS! Off to the crafty room to create some more cards made with lots of TLC!

Cindy's Card Co said...

I want to see you close that trunk!!!!

Sharon L. said...

I am so happy to be able to help! I can not think of an activity that is more beneficial to others as well as rewarding for me! Thank you OWH for providing a "vehicle" that allows me to feel like I am contributing!