Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great reminders

Thanks to everyone who's been sending in holiday and other themed cards lately, you're awesome! As you can see by the photo, we get some serious volume - which means we're having less and less time to deal with the normal hospital and other issues.

We've noticed a few things we'd really like your help with:
  1. Please avoid using children's craft supplies for cards. They don't hold up to the rigors ahead of them. This includes construction paper, foamies, ittybitty stickers, and other childrens' craft supplies - they are not made to last. Our heroes have told us these don't get used - remember, it's adults picking out cards to send to kids, not kids choosing a card because of its foamies.
     *These supplies are FINE for AnyHero mail from kids though - our heroes don't mind a bit if things fall off if it's got a note in crayon on it!
  2. Make them to last. Remember that our cards are treasures to our heroes' families, and we want them to be around for years to come; and if an OWH card happens to be their final communication with home, we really would like it to be a family heirloom. Use good strong adhesive - and enough of it! :)
  3. If you don't have a sentiment that goes with your card, please don't feel the need to handwrite sentiments. We're getting a lot of these, and blank is really preferable unless it's fine calligraphy - a family member expects their own hero's handwriting inside the envelope, not yours. So leave your cards blank if you don't have a matching sentiment, and -
    a) it'll save you extra effort,
    b) your cards will come out looking cleaner, and
    c) blank cards will also be more versatile for our heroes. 
  4. If you're sending more than 20 of a design (and that includes the same design/papers with a switch of embellishment), we really really really need you to be sending them in weeks earlier. We're getting boxes right now with tons of the same card, and we're down to the last boxes of halloween cards going out - so we have limited ability to spread them out. A lot of these will have to be stored til next year, and we'd prefer not to have to figure out storage for them. OWH has no warehouse, only our shippers' spare bedrooms!
  5. Please clearly mark/flag your holiday cards. When it gets crazy we may have to just grab the holiday ones out of each box and get busy packing -- but we're finding some that aren't sorted, or halloween cards are hidden underneath the others. We don't want any unnecessary stragglers left behind when the Great Pumpkin is gone! :)
  6. When crafting with kids, please have them write notes inside their cards. Some young folks can make a great card, and with kits they can be more capable; but if you're turning children loose with markers and stickers, please consider AnyHero mail. We're getting more and more "sticker sneeze" cards all the time (cards with just stickers all over), cards that are cut/folded all kinds of crooked, cards that don't fit into any envelope - and those aren't ones our heroes tell us they would like to write home on. But kids' crazy art is GREAT to decorate their barracks! 
  7. Please be sure to include a count on your packing slip. We're getting a lot of blank ones - if you don't have time to count them, imagine how hard it is for us to take that time.
Thanks again for allllll that you do - keep up the awesome work!


Alex said...

Thank you for the reminders! They are always great to have!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoops - I was a sentiment writer in my last batch of cards. I didn't know that was a "no-no". I will refrain from now on. Thank-you.