Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday: September 16, 2010

Important announcement: 
As you'll see by the length of today's post, we're getting a lot of cards sent in! While that's awesome, we'd like to ask you to give your shippers a little grace; here are two things we'll be instituting throughout the rest of the holiday season:

  • Starting next week, this list will be just the names and hometowns, instead of including our normal comments. That all takes up a ton of time, and when we've got 40 boxes in a pile in front of us, and 40 reports to write, anything we can do to shave a little time off so we can spend it sorting and packing is a huge help!
  • We're trying to keep up with emailing you to let you know your cards arrived, but sometimes we're not able to get to it right away. Sometimes we miss a few when there are this many! Please be patient, and check in on Thursdays to see what's been sent in before emailing your shipper with an urgent request to confirm that they arrived. Emails that come in asking for info that will be here on the blog takes away from the hours we need to take care of the mail :)
  • On some days, our shippers are resorting to sending a 'group' email to everyone sending in cards that day - answering a few questions for those asking things, but bccing the whole group of cardmakers on one email. It saves time, and also gets word to you that your cards arrived, and helps get out answers as quick as we can.
Thank you all SO much for your patience and grace for us!

Now...the report for this week! 18,295 cards came in - 190 packages! -  it's been just a little crazy at our shippers' houses! The midwest has really pulled its weight this week with nearly half the total quantity....please be extra nice to Kris, she's working double OT to keep up!

If you're sending a flat rate box this week, you might consider sharing a little of the love and give Kris a little breathing room in the coming week - Sandy's got volunteers coming in to help now, and Dixie's started getting some school kids to help out. :)
  1. Mad Hatters of the Historic Village of Old Bridge: Linda B, Fran M., and Catherine S. thank you for the Halloween cards! Thanks too to Fran's grands for the Hero Mail! Grand indeed!
  2. Joanne W. of Indian Land, SC, thank you for the super cards! Fun seasonal cards!
  3. Diane W. of Stoneham, MA, thank you for the pretty cards and generous donation! Love the basket card!
  4. Donna C. of Stamford, CT, thank you for your clever cards! You got all the Holidays! Thanks for the Hero post cards!
  5. Lily H. of Pittsburgh, PA, thanks for the Hero Mail!!!
  6. Sandy S. of Jamestown, NC, thank you for the beautiful cards for our troops and generous donation for shipping! So many pretty designs!
  7. Sandy J. of Westerville, OH, thank you for the wonderful collection of cards for our heroes and the Hero Mail! Love the green hues!
  8. Thank you, Carol W. in South Strafford, VT and friend, Patricia H. for the terrific collection of cards for our heroes! Thanks too for the generous donation and the Hero Mail!
  9. Thank you Sybilla G. and Eileen K. of Gilbertsville, PA for the terrific cards, generous donation, and the hero mail! Awesome cards, ladies!
  10. Thank you Judy K. of Orfordville, WI for the pretty cards for our heroes! Thank you too for the generous donation!
  11. Thank you Lori R. of Springfield, VA for these terrific cards! Great coloring!
  12. Thank you Cheryl B. of Claypool, IN!! Your cards are gorgeous! Thanks too for the donation for shipping and the candy! I love to put candy in the boxes!
  13. Maura H of Broadalbin, NY, thank you for the "mixed bag!" Thanks for the Hero Mail too! Awesome job!
  14. Thank you, Rebecca P. of VA Beach, VA! Fabulous cards for our heroes! Thanks bunches for all the hero mail!
  15. Vi T. of Ft, Walton Beach, FL, thank you for these cards for our heroes!!
  16. Thank you Pat C of Shalimar, FL and the Pacesetters Stamp Group for a beautiful collection of cards for our heroes to send home to family!
  17. Terri D. of Lewiston, ME, thank you for the cards and donation! Thanks especially for the cards for our heroes to send to their children!
  18. Pam B. of White Lake, MI, these cards made from ATCs are brilliant! Thank you!!
  19. Seongsook D. of Sacremento, CA, thank you for this lovely box of cards for our troops! Thanks too fo the donation and the Hero Mail! You rock!
  20. Julie K. of Brunswick, OH, thank "ewe" for the beautiful cards! Something for everyone!
  21. Amy B. of Pataskala, OH, thank you for this terrific collection of cards! A BIG thanks for the Hero mail! Too cute!
  22. Rosie G. of Forest, VA, thank you for this nice collection of cards! There's something for everyone! Awesome!
  23. Thanks Lisa S. of Vaughnsville, OH for your beautiful cards! Thanks too for collecting and sending the cards from the other crafters as well!
  24. Kris B of Athens, GA., LOVE the pop-up cards! Well done! Thank you for the cards and the generous donation!
  25. Thank you, Sandi G. of St. Petersburg, FL! Awesome Christmas cards! Snoopy rocks!
  26. Larie M. of Live Oak, FL, thank you for this terrific collection of cards! So may pretty Christmas cards! Awesome!
  27. Thank you Ruth B. for the cards and donation! So many pretty cards for our heroes to send home!
  28. Thank you Scrapbook Art Card Group and Jeri C. of Columbus, OH!! Wowzers, you people have talent! Thanks too for the donation!!
  29. Thank you Lois G. of Venice, FL and Sharon A. and the coworkers who helped with this huge box of cards! Wowzers! Thanks too for the Hero Mail!
  30. Jean B. of Meadville, PA, thank you for sending perfectly packaged pretty cards! Thanks to for the donation and the hero mail!
  31. Thank you Cyndi R. for the beautiful cards and the generous donation! Thanks too to you "Swap" Stampers at Stampers Life! Awesome cards!
  32. Thank you, Joan JF of Atlanta! Your cards are wonderfully creative. Thank you too for the donation and the hero mail!
  33. Carmen Z. of Northville, MI, thank you for the awesome cards! Something for everyone in that box! Thanks to Clare for the Hero Mail!!
  34. Thank you Virginia M. of Miamisburg, OH! These cards are awesome! Something for everybody!
  35. Carol L. of Gilbertsville, PA, thank you for the delightful cards, donation, and Hero mail! Love your skeletons!
  36. Thank you Pat L. of Voorheesville, NY, thank you for the beautiful cards and donation. Thanks too for all the extra work you do to support OWH and our Heroes!
  37. Thank you Denise D. for these stunning cards! Awesome designs! Thank you too for all the Hero cards!
  38. Thanks you Cheryl K. of Beech Island, SC for this awesome collection of cards and generous donation! Awesome designs!
  39. Leslie T. of Willoughby Hills, OH, thank you for these beautiful cards for our heroes and the donation for shipping!
  40. Cheryl B. of Manchester, NH, thank you for these beautiful Christmas cards! I'll be packing them this weekend!
  41. Rosey R. in Astoria, NY, your cards are fabulous! Thanks bunches for the Hero Mail!!
  42. Art F, IBOL guy...thank you so much for your gift in Anne's honor! Hope she has a lovely birthday!
  43. Seongsook D, Sacramento CA, thanks so much for getting your friends together - your kits made such cute cards! Bless you for your generous donation too!
  44. Karen G, Oakland Park FL, love your AnyHero letters and cards!! Thanks so much for sharing some with each of our shippers...we need them!
  45. Cindy O, Alameda CA, thank you so much, your cards are just beautiful....and your donation is much appreciated!!
  46. Donna M, Spangle WA - thank you so much for all these great themed cards...perfect for what I needed!
  47. Kim N, Bloomington IL - I just love your boxes of beautiful cards....keep them coming! Wow!
  48. Helen R, New York, NY, thank you for the gobble gobble cards...they'll make our heroes' families smile!
  49. Louise F, Frazier Park glad you've been back to your crafting table! Lovely work, thank you!
  50. Linda F, Camano Island WA, I picked up your cards at Paper Zone - they're all soooo beautiful! Thanks for the great packing job too!
  51. Denise L, Arroyo Grande, CA, love all your cards and I know our heroes will too!
  52. Velda S, Mesquite NV, thanks sooooo much, your cards are going to be loved. Your AnyHero mail too---they love to hear from you!
  53. Harriet L, Vista CA, thanks much for your package of cards....they're great as always!
  54. Fran B, Spokane Valley WA, your cards are so wonderfully embellished - beautiful! Thanks so much for your donation too!
  55. Cynthia C, Scottsdale AZ, your cards are here and are so cute - thanks so much! Thanks for all the great AnyHero mail and your donation too!!
  56. Kathy S, Reedley CA, thanks sooooo much, your cards are just lovely!
  57. Sam, Lainey, and Jace, Fort Lewis WA- thanks so much for coming over and dropping off your cards - and tucking and coloring! It was fun hanging out with you and sharing birthday cake :)
  58. Cherie K, Puyallup WA, thanks so much for your cards - and for coming to help out with packing up boxes!
  59. Sandra F, Irvine CA- your cards are adorable...thanks so much for them all!
  60. Susan S, Santa Ana CA, thanks for another grrrreat package of cards, they're just lovely!
  61. Janice A, Bountiful UT - wow on your amazing cards, you are so uber talented! Thanks for your incredibly generous donation as well!
  62. Leigh and Nancy, Houston and Fort Worth TX - so glad when you ladies get together, you're so creative! The cards are lovely! Your donation is much appreciated too!
  63. Kathay P, Humble TX, your generous ongoing donations are such a huge help to us for our heroes...thank you!
  64. Carol P, Peoria AZ, your cards are fantastic!! Wow! Thanks so much :)
  65. Martha B, Santa Rosa CA, love love love your cards...our heroes will too! Thanks!!
  66. Virginia H, Hamilton OH - I've missed you! Thank you so much for all the great holiday cards...all the Hero mail!! ...and your generous donation! Wow!
  67. Jan C and the Phoeniz AZ Birthday Bash - wow!!! You had some party...glad you had some 'extreme amounts' of fun! Your cards are gorgeous...thanks for taking up such a great collection too!
  68. Jan S, Henderson NV - wowsers, what fantastic AnyHero cards!! You'll be making a lot of heroes smile :) Thanks so much for your generous donation too!
  69. Sandra H of Lewiston CA, thank you once again for your donation...wonderful folks like you help us keep going!
  70. Anonymous, Rice Lake WI.....thanks for the box of wonderful cards.
  71. Peggy G. of East Hanover, NJ, thank you for the awesome cards! You covered ALL the upcoming holidays! Thank you too for the donation!
  72. Thank you CRS Group of Gaithersburg, MD for these cards for our heroes! Carol B., Ruth S., and Sandi D., you all did a fine job!!
  73. Frony R and Visalia Sunset Rotary - thank you so much! So glad everyone there got involved :) Bless you for all the Hero Mail and your generous donation too!
  74. Many, many thanks to the Office of the NYS Comptroller Volunteer Team! Your cards are awesome! Our heroes will love sending these treasures home to family and friends! Thanks too for the Hero Mail!
  75. Mary H, Miaisburg OH.....what an fabulous box of cards!! Love them!
  76. Carol C, Papillion NE.....another FABULOUS package of cards from you! THANKS!
  77. Maureen L, Cedar Rapids IA.....thanks for these gorgeous cards!!!
  78. Debbie A, Hoyt KS.....thank you for these awesome cards and Any Hero notes!
  79. Yvette E, Whittier CA - welcome to the OWH addiction! Wonderful first box - WOW!
  80. Thank you Sue K. of Crawfordville, FL for the wonderful cards! So many unique and clever designs!
  81. Mary P and Meadowbrook Christian Church, Mt Vernon IL.....another fabulous box of cards! Thank you!
  82. Mary P and Meadowbrook Christian Church, Mt Vernon IL.....another box of great cards. Love the Christmas ones!!
  83. Connie C, Marion IA.....thanks for these great cards. I was in need of some more Halloween.
  84. Alice W, San Jose CA, your cards are amazing!! Thank you so much!
  85. Rita D, Charlevoix MI....another great package of gorgeous cards! Thanks
  86. Nancy C, Warner SD.....beautiful cards! Thank you.
  87. Thank you Sue D. of Akron, OH! You sent a great collection of cards for our heroes!
  88. Mary S, Lenexa KS....another great package of cards! Thank you.
  89. Thank you Linda G of New Lenox, IL! Your cards are fabulous! Thank you too for your generous donation!
  90. Julie K, Minneapolis MN......thanks for these great cards.
  91. Suzette H of Vidor TX, bless you!! Your donation will assure many boxes will make it to our heroes this holiday season!
  92. Linda M, Marietta GA.....WOW! Awesome cards. Thank you.
  93. Susan T, Cypress TX.....WOW! Love these Halloween cards!!!
  94. Casse K, Deer Park TX.....thanks so much for these awesom cards!!
  95. Tara R, Higginsville MO.....thanks for the Halloween cards!!
  96. Tara R and American Legion Jr Auxiliary Post 223, Higginsville MO......thank you for these Halloween cards.
  97. Laura C, Ceres CA.....thanks for this beautiful card.
  98. Kelli D, Paragould AR.....thanks for these wonderful cards!!
  99. Mary E, San Rafael CA, it indeed looks like you had a great month of cardmaking - well done, thank you!
  100. Marian M, Ripon CA, thanks so much for your sweet cards!
  101. Chris F, Monument CO....thanks so much for these gorgeous cards and generous donation!!
  102. Thank you Laura J. of Newfoundland, PA for this terrific collection of cards. Love the Halloween Cards!
  103. Susan D, Tinley Park IL......what an awesome package of gorgeous cards!
  104. Kara K. of Akron, OH, thank you! Love your Iguana cards! Too cute!
  105. Many thanks to the Maumee Ohio Stampin' Up! Ladies! What a terrific collection of cards you sent for our heroes! Love the holiday cards!
  106. Joanie K, Avon IN.....What an awesome box with many fabulous cards and generous donation! Thank you.
  107. Arizona State U Society of Women Engineers - wow! You've poured your hears (and wicked engineering skillz!) into these cards. Great job!
  108. Sharon N and Ladies Group, Waterloo IL......I'm stunned at how many boxes you have sent in during the past few weeks. YOU ALL ROCK!
  109. Cindy D, Palantine IL....what a fabulous box of cards! Thanks!
  110. Students at Immaculate Conception School, Columbia IL....thanks so much for taking time to make cards for our heroes!
  111. Janet B, Nixa MO.....Welcome to OWH! Your first package is awesome!
  112. Fran G. of Powell, OH, thanks for the friendly ghosts! Perfect! Thank you too for the generous donation for shipping!
  113. Pamela M, Portland OR, thanks so much for your Hero'll be lifting spirits for sure!
  114. David & Brenda C, Glen Elder KS......thank you for your wonderful donation to OWH!
  115. Thank you Joanne H. of Dayton, OH for the cards for our heroes! Awesome designs!
  116. Faye F, Fargo ND.....WOW! What a fabulous box! These cards ROCK!
  117. Thank you Kathy M. of Quakertown, PA and the customers of Memory Lane for the terrific cards for our heroes! Thanks too for the donation!
  118. Barbara G, Columbia MO.....What fabulous cards! Thanks for sending them in to share with our heroes!
  119. Phyllis G, St Paul MN.....what a wonderful package of cards! Thank you.
  120. Mary C of Glen Carbon IL, your generous donation is MUCH appreciated!!
  121. Debbie G, Arlington TX.....Welcome to OWH! These are beautiful cards.
  122. Steffani L. of Wilmington, NC, thank you for these awesome cards! Love the spider webs! Thanks too for the generous donation!
  123. Janet H, Colby KS.....Thank you for this box of fabulous cards!! WOW!
  124. Beverly D, Rochester NY.....thanks so much for these great cards!
  125. Debby P, Buffalo MO....another box of FABULOUS cards! Thanks so much!
  126. Carol G, Kalamazoo MI....these cards are beautiful. THANK YOU!
  127. Anne B, New Zealand.....more fabulous cards!! Thanks so much.
  128. Teresa K, Vancouver WA - aweeeesome cards, I love them! Thanks so much for your AnyHero mail and donation too... you rock!
  129. Emily O, Phoenix AZ......thanks for this box of nice cards.
  130. Thank you Lin B. of Canton, OH! These cards are simply amazing! Thanks for the Hero Mail too!
  131. Betty T, Salina KS.....thank you for another rockin' package of cards!
  132. Sharla V, Topeka KS....thanks for these awesome cards!! Missed you!
  133. Bonnie D and Richland Middle School Students, Muscoda WI.....thanks for taking time to make these great cards for our heroes!!
  134. Joyce L and Green Valley Rubber Stampers Club, Green Valley AZ...WOW! What an awesome box of cards! FABULOUS!
  135. Cheryl G, Joplin MO.....thanks so much for this generous donation to OWH!
  136. Thanks Lynn F. of Cary, NC for these pretty cards. Love the fall colors!
  137. Kay C, Minnetonka MN.....thanks for these wonderful cards!!!
  138. Judy S and friends, Bakersfield CA - love this big box of gorgeous cards, THANK YOU! Bless you for your donation too!
  139. Jeany F, Webb City MO.....thanks so much for these awesome cards!!
  140. Toni B, Lincoln NE...WOW! Three boxes of wonderful cards!!!THANKS!!
  141. Sherry J, Minnetonka MN.....thanks for these awesome cards.
  142. Judy S, Marysville MI.....Welcome to OWH! These cards are beautiful!
  143. Jan D, Martinez CA, your cards ar very cute!! Thank you so much for them all - as well as your generous donation :0)
  144. Dawn M, Eagan MN.....thanks so much for these gorgeous cards! Welcome to OWH!
  145. Patricia J, Killeen TX.....thanks for these awesome cards!!
  146. Jessica M, Fremont CA, you're so welcome for the stamp - thanks for using it on all your beautiful cards for me! :) Made my work a breeze! Your donation is hugely appreciated!
  147. Barbara H, Milton WI....thanks for the great cards and Any Hero notes!
  148. Tabbitha F. of La Follette, TN, thank you for the awesome cards! So many designs! Love the snowmen!
  149. Rosalie R, Macomb MI.....another great package of awesome cards!
  150. Teri A, Iowa City IA.....WOW! Wonderful cards. Thank you so much!
  151. Barbara H, Staples MN.......thank you for supporting OWH with your donation. We appreciate it.
  152. Debbie K, Casa Grande AZ, wowwww what a fantastic big box of cards! Beautiful - and beautifully packed!
  153. Martha H, Los Angeles CA....thanks so much for these great cards!!
  154. Thank you Melba S. of Orlando, FL for the cards! The Spanish sentiments will be a big hit!
  155. Sandra R, Ballwin MO.....awesome cards! Thank you.
  156. Elizabeth K, Beaumont TX...Welcome to OWH! Your first package of cards is awesome!
  157. Diane B, Edina MN....WOW! What a fabulous box of awesome cards!
  158. Michele M, Macomb MI.....your cards are wonderful!! Love them!
  159. Thank you St. Lawrence NYS ARC and Diane R in Canton, NY for the cards for our heroes! Something for everyone!
  160. Marian J, Huber Heights OH.....another fabulous box of cards!! Thank you!
  161. Linda H. of Louisville, KY, thanks bunches for these awesome cards for our heroes! Thanks for the Hero Mail too!
  162. Lori E, Mascoutah IL.....thanks for this awesome box of great cards!
  163. Kristen C and Sandy G, Pingree Grove IL.....thanks for hosting a party and getting all these cards made.
  164. Thank you Toni C. of Washington, DC for this great collection of birthday cards!
  165. Karen W. of East Quogue, NY, thank you for the awesome cards and generous donation! Thanks for being a proud Army mom too!!
  166. Donna C. of Stamford, CT, thank you for the terrific cards for our heroes to send to their families and friends. Thanks too for the clever Hero Mail too!
  167. Cindy M and Friends of Checkered Cottage, St Louis MO.....another OUTSTANDING box of gorgeous cards.
  168. Mr and Mrs Clarence Y, St Mary's KS.....thank you for your donation to OWH!
  169. Lora B, Columbia MO.....thanks for these fabulous cards!!!
  170. Joy S, Columbia MO.....thanks so much for these beautiful cards!
  171. Cara Lou R, Sacramento CA, thanks so much for your lovely cards!
  172. Pat T, Scottsdale AZ, these are all such lovely cards, thank you!! Your donation is an added blessing :)
  173. Dawna L, Bloomington IN.....thanks for this wonderful package of cards and Any Hero notes.
  174. Nanetta B and Pikes Peak Sunday Stampers, Colorado Springs CO........another awesome box. YOU ROCK!
  175. Jeannine J, Pittsburg CA, thanks so very much for your cards!! Beautiful!!
  176. Sandee Q. of Akron, OH, thank you for the cards! Tou sent a terrific variety, and they're so pretty! Thank you too for the Hero Mail!
  177. Sue S, Papillion NE.....This box ROCKS!! Thanks so much!!
  178. Sue S, Papillion NE.....thank you for this awesome box of beautiful cards!!!
  179. Karen H, Monticello MN....another fabulous package of cards. Thanks so much.
  180. Melodee R, Salina KS.....thanks so much for your donation to OWH!
  181. Elaine P, Salina KS..... we appreciate your donation to OWH. Thank you.
  182. Veronica B, Oronogo MO.....thanks for these great cards!
  183. Carol W, Mililani HI, so much mojo coming from the island! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with our heroes :)
  184. Barbara R, Big Bear Lake Ca, fantastic first package of cards, thanks so much! Welcome to the addiction :) Your donation is greatly appreciated!
  185. Jessica Lynn, Milwaukee, WI......thanks for these great cards. Love this owl!
  186. Theresa E, Wenatchee WA, your cards are just wonderful, our heroes will love them!
  187. Jodi R, Bennington KS.....thanks so much for your donation. We appreciate it!
  188. Debbie R, Dixon MO....these are gorgeous!! Thank you!
  189. Thank you Tavern Scrappers and Bev T. of Burgess, VA for your clever cards and generous donation!
  190. Sandra K, Sherwood WI....thank you for these wonderful cards.


craftymrs said...

Wow!! So impressive! Thanks for taking the time to sort and get these out to many heros who will spread the love. It's hard to believe almost 20,000 people will be getting cards from just this week alone!

mmwilken said...

I know it's a lot of work to list everyone, but for me, all you would have to do, is give one thank you to everyone and then just list the names. You wouldn't have to make a sentence for every person. Anyone agree with me? That way we would know our cards got there. I, myself do not need a formal thank you, as the letters and notes from our hero's are enough for me!! They are worth so much more to me!
Thank you also girls for taking care of the packaging of all the cards to send and making sure they all get to our troops. You are all angels doing God's wonderful work. Thanks so much!!!

TK said...

Anything you can do to cut down on the paperwork is fine with me. You guys do sooooo much. Bless you all. I second mmwilken, the thankful letters back from some of them just warm my heart. We love doing this!

Dolores A. said...

Totally agree with everything... you have too much to do, so make it as easy as you can by eliminating the extra writing, etc.
It's no problem for all of us to just check in on Thursdays after we've sent a package and is all the confirmation needed.
God bless you for your hard work, and thank you!

Cheryl said...

Do you guys need another temporary "holiday shipper"? If so I am up for the job - my basement is empty!

Unknown said...

Gracious me, I'm so amazed at all you shippers do anyway! Just a name list and general "Fabulous cards" sentence at the end would thrill me. I am most excited by the numbers totals and want to know any special needs that may come up. Go Midwest!!

Adele said...

Just a name on the Thursday blog is fine with me. I already know what is in my box!

Is that a free digi at the top of this page? It's cute!

SuzAnn said...

WOW! I'm speechless but what a wonderful thing to find after being "offline" for a week. I fully support anything that makes things easier for the shippers. I love seeing the diversity of crafters that support this!