Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday: September 2, 2010

OWH needs Deputies.

Yes, Deputies. Shipping Deputies! We have a lot of you asking to become a shipper; we aren't adding anyone at this time, so we'd like to deputize you instead! See the pile of boxes from Dixie's counter? That's one day's mail! Can you imagine how long it would take to stamp and tuck that many cards if they all arrived needing TLC? A few quotes we've heard from cardmakers:

  • "I put a label with my name on it, but am letting you do the OWH stamp." (Why not just add Operation Write Home on the label when you print it?)
  • "I'm out of time, so I'm just sending in my cards not stamped on the back." (Save them til you get the time - you have more time available than our shippers do right now. Remember, we're all volunteers too - day-jobs keep us from being able to stamp your cards for you!)
  • "Some of my cards are stamped on the back, I just didn't get to them all." (Feel free to hang onto your package til you get time to finish stamping them all.)
  • "My friends gave me cards to send in, some are really bad, and others are falling apart. I'm sending them to you for your hospital." (Our shippers need to focus on sorting and shipping; much of the repair work will be waiting til AFTER the holidays. Please have a hospital party and shower some love on the patients before airlifting them to us!)

Be a Deputy and make your shipper incredibly happy. Stamp, tuck (see below), and sort by type. Be sure your envelopes are actually A2s - not the larger 'invitation' envelopes that are bigger. Secure loose embellishments, line dark cards, keep glitter cards to send to  your own family, and remove plastic sleeves. These are all duties that will have to be performed by our three shippers if you don't do it for them—and with piles of boxes like these, all the help you can give is much appreciated!

Some of our new folks are unaware of "the Tuck" - a lot of our cards are coming in with the entire card inside the envelope, or the card simply stuck under the flap. The back of the card goes inside the envie, and the flap folds back. (Cards using a "tent" shaped fold go all the way inside the envelope.) This graphic may help explain:

Many thanks to this week's cardmakers and financial donors...y'all ROCK!
  1. Cindy J. of Greenacres, FL, thank you for the cards for our heroes! Love the Halloween brads!
  2. Laurie W. of Evans, MA, thank you for the cards! You always have such brilliant designs! Awesome!
  3. Thank you Scrapbook Concepts Cardmakers and Karen H. of Florence, SC for this box full of pretty cards for our heroes!
  4. Christina S and Jen E, Coon Rapids MN......ladies thank you so much for these awesome cards!
  5. Kelly M, Redwood City CA...your watercolored cards are lucious! Thank you!
  6. Sharon S, Carlisle PA - thanks so much for the wonderful cards!
  7. Cindy and the Los Gatos Elks...another wonderful box. and so much Hero Mail! Bless you all!
  8. Karen, Tiffany, Kacie and Autumn, Charlotte MI......thanks so much for these awesome Halloween cards. I was completely out!
  9. Maggie R and Alpha Sigma Tav Sorority, Hammond LA......ladies, thanks for taking time to make these great cards!! Appreciate it!
  10. Thanks to Katy D. of Arnold, MD and all the Dream Events traveling crop participants in NJ, PA, TN, NC, and MD for these cards for our heroes! Thanks for the Hero Mail too! Scouts rock!
  11. Many thanks to the Stamping Away Stamp Club and Mary R. of Sherrodsville, OH! Great cards for our heroes!!
  12. Pat Q. of Bethel Park, NY, thank you for the cards! Our heroes will love sending these back home!
  13. Thank you Sue B. of Justin, TX for the cards, donation, and hero mail!! Awesome Christmas cards!!
  14. Judy H, Tracy MN......thanks for the gorgeous cards!!!
  15. Sybilla G. of Gilbertsville, PA, thank you for the cards and the donation! Our heroes are going to love these! I do!
  16. Terie H, Washington UT, your cards are absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for the generous donation too :)
  17. Marianne C of Naches make such cute cards!! Your donation is MUCH appreciated...hugs!
  18. Kris B. of Athens, GA, what neat Halloween cards you sent! Thanks too for the generous donation!
  19. Ann L. of Orem, UT, thank you for these terrific cards and generous donation! A Halloween card for everyone!
  20. Becky Jo M, Gardners PA - love your! Thanks for the AnyHero mail and donation're awesome!
  21. Thank you to the Manhattan Scrapbooking Meetup Group in NY!! Awesome cards! Generous donation! Thanks to ALL of you!
  22. Shirley S. of Columbus, MS, thank you for these gorgeous cards and the generous donation and all this Hero Mail! Awesome!!
  23. Nanette H and Stamping Memories, Belmont NH.......WOW! What a great box of beautiful cards! Thanks so you and all the customers that made these.
  24. Lori R. in Springfield, VA, thanks for the great cards! They're "REEL" pretty!!
  25. Thanks Lynn P. of Charlotte, NC for the cards and the hero mail! Love the music paper!
  26. Thank you Ellicott City Stampers and Mindy A of West Friendship, MD for another collection of beautiful cards for our troops!
  27. Reta M, Fair Oaks Ranch TX....awesome cards!! Love them.
  28. Nanette B and Pikes Peak Sunday Stampers and friends, Colordao Springs CO.....another awesome package of cards! Thanks!
  29. Hannah F, Bridgeton MO.....another fabulous package of cards! Thank you.
  30. Elizabeth S. of New Canaan, CT, thank you for these terrific cards! The Halloween cards are such fun!
  31. Many thanks to Diane B. and Coletta K of DeForest, WI!! What a fabulous collection of cards you sent for our heroes to send back home!
  32. Karen G. of Oakland Park, FL, thank you for this terrific collection of cards! Awesome! Thanks too for all this Hero Mail! Fabulous!
  33. Joy O. of Carmel, IN, thank you for the fabulous cards for our heroes!! Thank you too for the goodies you sent to me! Felt like my birthday!!
  34. Helen R, New York NY, thanks so much for the great Thanksgiving cards! Needed those :)
  35. Muriel D, San Jose CA...thanks so much for your beautiful cards, our heroes will love them!
  36. Betty R of Houston TX, thanks so much for the mix of cards - and your AnyHero note! These will all be treasured! :)
  37. Dolores A. of Frederick, MD, thank you for the cards, donation, hero mail, and comics! Love the "Look what I dug up for you" card!
  38. Joy S, Columbia MO......welcome to OWH! Your cards are great!!
  39. Karen E. of Jewett, OH, thank you for the fabulous cards and generous donation for shipping! Awesome cards!
  40. Pam C. of Schenectady, NY, thank you for the great collection of cards! The flowers are beautiful! Thank you too for the generous donation!
  41. Carolyn H, Silver City NM.....WOW! These are awesome cards! Thanks so much.
  42. Melissa J, Crest Hill IL, you have so blessed our heroes! Your cards, AnyHero Letters, and generous donation will make a huge difference, thank you!
  43. Susan A. of Ridgewood, NY, thank you for the cards for our heroes!
  44. Thank you Diane S. of Raleigh, NC for the cute cards for our heroes!
  45. Thank you Barbara S. of Manville, NJ for the cards for our heroes! So bright and cheerful!
  46. Thank you Angela P. of Smyrna, GA!! These are terrific cards! Well done!
  47. Lillian L, Arlington VA, thank you so much for the wonderful cards! And welcome back to the States :)
  48. Marie W, Cottage Grove awesome package of beautiful cards! Thank you!
  49. Donna M, Gun Barrel City TX.....thanks so much for another awesome box of cards!
  50. Linda G. of Ypeilanti, MI, thanks for these cards! Lots of orange and black! Love it! Thanks for the donation too!
  51. Diane W. of Coconut Creek, FL, thanks for the fun cards and the generous donation!!
  52. Thank you Family Memories in Charlotte, NC for these beautiful cards! Just beautiful! Thank you too for the donation for shipping!
  53. Sandi M, Fremont CA......Thanks so much for these gorgeous cards!!
  54. LeAnn M, St Paul MN.....another awesome package of cards! Love the Seasame Street cards!!
  55. Wendy S, Raleigh NC, thanks so much for the great anytime cards --- love them all, WOW! Your donation is much appreciated too!
  56. Kelly M, Redwood City CA - love your cards, especially the "mail call" ones -- perfect! Bless you for your donation as well :)
  57. Ann M, Hutchinson MN......WOW! What a great box of gorgeous cards! Thanks for all the Any Hero notes too!
  58. Mary B, Kenosha WI.....awesome and beautiful cards! Thanks.
  59. Susan T, Cypress TX.....WOW! These are them all, especially the Halloween ones.
  60. Ann F and friends, LaGrange IL.....another absolutely fabulous box of cards! Thanks ladies!!
  61. Mary J, Auburn WA .... bless you! What a generous donation - so many heroes will get cards because of you, thanks!
  62. Kimberley, Jordan, and Michael, Kennewick WA - your cards are just awesome! Dad's friends will really love them!
  63. Esther E, Vancouver WA, you are rockin' that yellow cardstock! Awesome, thanks for all the beautiful cards from the Juvenile Justice Center too!
  64. Ellen H, Vancouver make such lovely cards, thank you!!
  65. Traci O, Lansing MI.....what wonderful letters by kids who will have parents deploying soon. Heroes currently serving will love these.
  66. Cindy M, Pewaukee WI.....thanks for the great cards!
  67. Cindy M, Normal IL.....Awesome package of cards! Love them!!
  68. Maude B, Las Cruces NM.....another totally fabulous box of cards!! Thanks.
  69. Jeanine D. of Cleveland, TN, thank you for the great collection of cards for our heroes! Great scoring job!! Thanks for the Hero Mail too! Awesome!
  70. Katie B. of Canajoharie, NY, thank you for these awesome cards! love the paper flowers! Wow!
  71. Kimberly M. of Morgantown, WV, thank you for the cards! Spooky! Awesome!
  72. Thanks Kaki D. of Lacombe, LA for the cards for our heroes and the inspiration for me!!
  73. Donna O. of Louisville, KY, Thank you for the Christmas cards in August!! Hope you get your own made early too!!
  74. Stefanie P. of Stauton, VA, thank you for the 2 boxes of beautiful cards! Wowzers!! What talent you have! Thanks for sending them "good to go!"
  75. Sue W, Poway CA, your cards are very cute! Thank you!
  76. Robin S, San Mateo, CA, you make such lucious AnyHero cards! They'll be so glad to get these!
  77. Mary I, Bothell WA - thanks for the cards - and especially the great AnyHero mail!
  78. Charlene C, Sinclaire ME, lovely cards, thank you so much, my dear!
  79. Thank you Paper Breezers and Ronda S. of Navarre, FL for these awesome cards for our heroes! So many designs and sentiments! Well done!!
  80. Sheila and Traci at BECU in Tukwila WA - another box of fantastic cards! Well done!
  81. Charrie and everyone at AMVETS Ladies Aux Post #1 - great job on all these cards, thanks!
  82. Pamela C. of Virginia Beach, VA, "How you bean?" Love that and the googly eyed cards! Thanks for the cards and the donation!
  83. Jenn P, Chicago IL....these are great cards!! I needed the Halloween ones badly!
  84. Stephanie G, New York, NY - wow these cards are so cute, thanks once again! Your donation is a big help too!
  85. Debby P of Buffalo MO - thanks so much for your EFT giving - you make such a difference every month, thank you!
  86. Darlene A. of Palm Bay, FL, thank you for the beautiful cards, generous donation, and hero mail! Love the "Faith" cards!
  87. Anne M and eeryone at Venture In Crafters - these are wonderful cards, wow! Thank you so much for your donation and AnyHero mail too!
  88. Cheryl W. of Sparta, NJ, thank you for the gorgeous cards, generous donation, and hero mail! Love the cards for children! Awesome!
  89. Thanks Jennifer M. of Charlotte, NC for the Halloween cards! Thanks for doing my hospital work too!!
  90. Polly R, Peoria AZ, your cards are very very cute, thank you!!
  91. Rhonda Z, Balzac Alberta Canada - oh WOW your cards are stunning - love your embellishing style, thank you!
  92. Jennifer M, Marshfield WI, bless you for your generous donation :) :) :)
  93. Mary M, Hong Kong - thank you sooooo much for your generous donation! So many boxes will be shipped full of holiday love because of you, thank you!
  94. Christine G, N Turner ME, thanks for your packet of cards!
  95. Mary T, Monroe MI, thanks for your box of cards!
  96. Amber M, Goshen IN, thank you for your beautiful creations - our heroes will love them! Your donation is a blessing too!
  97. Thank you Holmesburg Baptist Summer Campers in Philadelphia, PA for these creative cards and sincere messages to our military heroes!!
  98. Patricia B. of Winchester, VA, thank you for making me laugh out loud! Your cards are wonderful!
  99. Mary Sue F. of Lykens, PA, thank you for these terrific cards! Thanks for sending such a nice variety of sentiments!
  100. Sherry S. of Somerville, AL, thank you for the lovely cards and the generous donation! Your card liners are the most clever I've seen!
  101. Thank you, Lyla W. in Rapid City, SD for the cards for our heroes! Packing Christmas now!
  102. Paula E. of Virginia Beach, VA, thanks for the cards and the donation! Santa rocks!
  103. Norene M. and Lori L. of Langhorne, PA, Aloha! And thanks for the fun cards from our heroes!
  104. Anna B, Murchison TX.....thanks for the big box of cards!
  105. Janie G, Brooklyn NY....WOW! What awesome cards. Thanks so much.
  106. Cecilia W. of Red Bank, NJ, your cards are delightful! Thank you! Thanks too for the hero mail!
  107. Diane S, Gallatin TN......what a great box of cards! Love them!
  108. Jenny F, Grand Rapids MN......well I should have checked all the boxes as here is a third box from you....more fabulous cards!!
  109. Gai J, Dallas TX....these are fabulous as always! Love your style.
  110. Jan S, Apple River IL.....AWESOME cards!!!
  111. Jenny F, Grand Rapids MN......WOW! A second box in the same day of awesome cards! THANKS!
  112. Bonnie G, Olathe KS......thanks for a great first box of cards. These are wonderful.
  113. Megan B, San MArcos TX......thanks for these awesome cards!
  114. Kiely B, Longmont CO......LOVE THESE! The googlie eyes are great.
  115. Jenny F, Grand Rapids MN.......WOW! These are fabulous cards! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I have a stamp with handmade and my name on it to stamp the back, do I have to write "Operation Write Home" or can I just write "O.W.H." over my name stamp?

Anonymous said...

I would hand write or use a computer generated label with Operation Write Home written out. When a family back home receives the card they might wonder about the source of the card and will be able to find our organization online with the full name.
You can also request a stamp for the back of your card. (Contact your local shipper.) I got mine and have been giving it quite a workout! Sharla

Anonymous said...

Just a note. Sometimes envelopes that fit A2 size cards are indeed listed as "invitation size". Just check the dimensions. You want an envelope that is 4 3/8" X 5 3/4". The envelope should be just slightly larger than the A2 (4 1/4" X 5 1/2") card. Hope that helps. Sharla

Sandy said...

Make sure you spell out Operation Write Home - just the initials won't be of help to family members looking for us on the web unless they're diligent in searching!

There's also a free red rubber stamp available by request here: