Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday: September 9, 2010

Thank you to everyone sending in cards this week....our shippers have all been noticing how many more cards are coming in stamped!! Bless you - you're saving our shippers hours of work! (Ciara just wanted to drop by and say hey!)
  1. Marlene F and everyone in the Crop Circle in Hillsboro OR, what an amazing box of beauties! Thank you!! I truly needed this Hero mail too. ;) :) :)
  2. Debra R, Westminster Ca, thank you so much...I especially love hearing that you had such a wonderful team building exercise making cards!
  3. Tammy R, Reedsport OR, bless you for the packet of cards, these are awesome!
  4. Vicki and everyone at Treasured Memories - I've gotten so used to all these boxes from your crop - what will I do without my weekly dose of you? Love these, thanks so much for another perfectly packed box!
  5. Gail S, Sacramento CA - oh my have you been BUSY! You made all these yourself, I am incredibly impressed! Thank you!
  6. Thank you, Jeanne FE!! You're a card maker now! And a good one too! Thank you!
  7. Pat G. of Upton, MA, thanks for the cards all ready to go! Thank you too for the mail for heroes! There's a card for everyone in this collection!
  8. Helen S, San Diego CA, your cards are lovely, thank you!
  9. Susan G. of Barnegat, NJ, thank you for the cards, donation, and hero mail. What a nice variety of pretty cards you sent! Something for everyone!
  10. Pat S. of Spencerport, NY, thank you for the cards and donation! Love the cards with your "fall" artwork. Beautiful!
  11. Linda N, Caldwell ID - thanks so much for all the cards - and your generous donation!
  12. Paula S. of Stamford, CT, awesome cards and generous donation! Thank you! Thanks bunches for the liners!! Made my day!
  13. Karen L. of Danville, PA, thank you for the beautiful cards and generous donation! Your card designs are fabulous!
  14. Thank you Joyce W and friends in Baton Rouge, LA for the cards, donation, and hero mail. Well done!!
  15. Marianne P, San Diego CA, thanks so much for your cards!
  16. Ann K, Seattle WA, thanks for another great package...yay on beating the deadline!
  17. Cathy W, Elbert CO....WOW! This is a wonderful box of beautfiul cards. THANKS!
  18. MS Higerd, Colby KS.....thanks for these awesome cards!!!
  19. Becca A. of Leesburg, PA, thank you for the super collection of cards! Wow! Great job for our heroes!
  20. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Basil S. of Pearl River, NY for the cards!
  21. Sharon N, Waterlook IL......thanks for another box of fabulous cards!
  22. Rhonda E, Paola KS.......What a great package! These halloween cards are "FANG-TASTIC"!
  23. Thank you, Stamping Queens and Treasured Memories Scrapbooks and More in Englewood, FL for the super cards, hero mail, and donation! Well done!
  24. Paula P. of Bellvue, OH, your cards are amazing! You're a clever crafter! Thank you for the cards and the donation!
  25. UnitedHealth Group "Dollars for Doers" Program - thank you for matching Joy's volunteer hours with a financial gift!! Your company's generosity is much appreciated!
  26. Mary Jo S, Arizona City AZ.....thanks so much for these beautiful cards.
  27. Cindy M and Friends of Checkered Cottage, ST Louis MO...another fantastic box of awesome cards!
  28. Mary S, Taunton MN.....thanks so much for these great holiday cards!
  29. Sue A, Rockford IL......another box of awesome cards! Love your style!
  30. Carrie W and friends, Clarksville TN.....thanks so much for these awesome cards!
  31. Carol B, St Louis MO.....thanks for this box of wonderful cards in so many different themes.
  32. Nanette B and Pikes Peak Sunday Stampers......thanks for another wonderful box of cards!
  33. Nancy M and FUMC Middle School youth......thanks for taking time to make these cards for our heroes. Much Appreciated!
  34. Polly R, Peoria AZ...your cards are awesome, thank you so much! Our heroes will love them!
  35. Tina B, Lincoln CA, thanks so much for your packet of card and AnyHero notes!
  36. Thank you Bella Studio, American Legion Post 685 and Samantha K of Kent, OH!! Beautiful cards for our heroes! Thanks too for all the terrific cards for "Any Hero"!!
  37. Connie H of Sebring, FL, thanks for the great collection of cards! The post cards are a terrific idea!
  38. Thank you, Lindsay M. of Carrboro, NC!! Awesome cards! Love the Halloween punches! Thanks too for the donation!
  39. Carole B, Allen TX....what beautiful cards and Any Hero notes!!
  40. Megan W, Decatur IL.....thanks so much for this awesome box of beautiful cards!
  41. Leah C, St Paul MN......WOW!! Two great boxes of cards! These are awesome.
  42. Cheryl Y, S Pasadena CA....I always love getting your boxes! Such cute cards, thanks again for another generous donation!
  43. Yolanda D, Warrenton MO....another fabulous box of great cards! Thanks so much for them and the donation!
  44. Kathy C, Highlands Ranch CO.....thanks so much for these gorgeous cards and the generous donation!
  45. Lola M, Vancouver WA - thanks for the cards...glad to hear you connected with other OWHers in your area too!
  46. Cathy B, Columbia SC...thank you sooo much for your generous donation!
  47. SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT - bless you for yet another wonderful donation! :)
  48. SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT - bless you for yet another wonderful donation! :)
  49. Amy S, Aurora CO, love your cards, thanks so very very much!
  50. Chris C, Parkland WA, thanks so much for these cards of all themes!!
  51. Maria, Fran, Lisa, and Megan, Ephrata PA - WOW! What a box of beautiful cards, thank you so much!
  52. Gale A, and everyone at Thursday Therapy, your cards are fannnnnntastic, thank you so much!!
  53. Bev T, San Francisco CA, thanks so much for all these great Halloween cards! Boo! :)
  54. Thank you Margaret P for these delightful cards for our heroes! Awesome!
  55. Laurie W. of Evans, GA, thank you for these fab cards! The jokes in the Halloween cards is such a clever idea!!
  56. Sandy R. of Lawrence, MA, thank you for the beautiful cards and hero mail! Love your designs!! Fun!
  57. Lily H. of Pittsburgh, PA, thank you for the elegant cards for so many occasions! Thanks too for the extra sentiments!
  58. Connie I, Skiatook OK....Thanks so much for these wonderful cards!
  59. Debby M, Las Cruces NM.....more gorgeous cards!!! Thanks.
  60. Polly P, St Paul MN....thanks for the Halloween cards, I really needed them!
  61. Nikki M, APO AE......WOW! Fabulous your style!
  62. Jennifer M, Marshfield WI.....these are awesome! Thanks so much.
  63. Melissa M, Ames IA.....Thanks so much for these awesome cards!
  64. Dorothy B, Corpus Christi TX....WOW! 4 boxes of cards and beautiful ones at that!
  65. Mary Ann S, Fontana CA, your cards are always so darned cute, thanks so much for them all!
  66. Amanda J and LUMC Women's Group, IN.....thanks so much for these wonderful cards.
  67. Thanks, Robin G. and Stephanie G. for the awesom Halloween cards and the generous donation! Fang-tastic!
  68. Sherry H. of Arlington, VA, thank you for the cards and donation! Your "love" cards are stunning!
  69. Kristen, Mary & Theresa C, Pittsburgh PA.....thanks for these fabulous cards.
  70. Sarah B, Cypress TX.....great cards. Halloween ones were greatly needed. THANKS!
  71. Diane I of Lebanon, PA, many thanks to you and your granddaughter for these terrific Halloween cards! Thanks too for the generous donation!
  72. Laura J, Albuquerque NM.....what a wonderful box of beautiful cards.
  73. Louise F, Frazier Park CA...thanks so very much for your wonderful and generous donation!
  74. Lindy C, Seattle WA, love love love your cards, thank you so much! Thanks for the hero mail and donation too, you're awesome!

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Samantha Kania said...

Wow, 74 donors!
#36 should be Bella Saluto but it wass still exciting to see us on the list for our first of many times!!! Thanks for all you do!