Sunday, October 17, 2010

AnyHero Mail Crisis

With the quantity of boxes we're mailing out...we're out of Hero Mail! The ziploc bag full of AnyHero letters is a special treat that we put in each box; about 15-20 letters go in each one. However, when our box quantities double and triple in these coming weeks as Christmas cards go out, we need double and triple the normal amount of letters! *all shippers are low, but Sandy is out completely! :(

Can you write a couple notes and send them off to your shipper?  Quick like a bunny? Christmas ones will be needed later, but general ones right now. Here are some other ideas:

These simple postcards were signed by
airline passengers in 2008, while
we were still CFH.

  • Make a few AnyHero cards to take to your office or carpool, and ask co-workers to write a note in them.
  • Ride the bus to work? Have a couple cards on hand to ask those sitting around you to write a note - you might make a new friend too!
  • Get your kids and their friends to make some! 
  • Travelling? Make some quick postcards and ask the flight attendant if it's ok to ask passengers to sign some! 
  • Ask your child's teacher or scout leader to have the kids write letters as a class project!
  • Invite your church, synagogue, or club to participate. Cardmaker Esther made this display for her church's cardsigning event - she updates it with numbers each time they hold an event:


- - Sheryl - - said...

sure - I'll make some today and mail them - I forget ... do they need to be tucked in an envelope?

hgregory8558 said...

I just made a post about OWH on my blog...

I hope to send you a BIG box by the end of the week!!