Friday, November 5, 2010

Blog tips for beginners

With the bloghop on the way, here's some tips for new bloggers for creating your post, linking, and setting the date for the post to "publish" later on the date of the hop. Thanks to Yolanda for sharing this!

Easy steps to linking within a post on Blogger:

  1. Type up your blog entry.
  2. Select the words you want to use as links. Ex. ..."find it at OWH". Now select the word to make a link, ie OWH. 
  3. You will see a tool bar just above your post entry box. Select "link." Paste or type the URL of the site you are linking to. Use the link to a specific post like a challenge - - or to the "top" of a blog like You can get the long url by clicking on the blog post title, usually. The short url will link to the newest post on that blog.
  4. Save.
  5. Pat self on back.
  6. When it gets closer OWH will let you know who to link to after you. So you will put in her name and then link to her blog address (using her short url first, and editing to add the long one after the bloghop starts and her post goes live). 

To make life easy, go ahead and make your card. Write up your post and include the image within that day's post or instruct your readers to look down below where your pictures are. Then set it to publish at a scheduled time. It took me forever to figure this one out but it is fabulous!

  1. At the bottom of your post box choose "post options."
  2. Down on the right you will see "post date and time."
  3. Click on "scheduled at."
  4. Add the date in this format--11/3/10.
  5. Add the time in this format--5:00 AM. ("A" and "M" must be capitalized)
  6. Choose "publish post." Now it will show up in your drafts as "scheduled." And it will go live at the proper time.
  7. Jump up and down yelling, "I did it! I did it!"

That trick is the biggest time saver EVER!

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Velda said...

Thank you for this. I still don't think I'm ready to tackle it. I've only had my blog for 2 days and trying to learn. I'll work on this for another time.