Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OWH Deputies needed!

We've had quite the year of record-breaking numbers of cards! Everyone has done an AMAZING job. And we want to give you a rest.

During the month of December, we know everyone needs to take a break from their cardmaking....so we have a non-crafty assignment for you that shouldn't take much time at all....are you ready to take this one on? Here's a card to inspire our deputies:
Yes, another card by our Hero Blog hero! How fantastic is that little star??
Your assignment (should you choose to accept!): Find cards.

How? Check around in your town for people and places that might have cards. Done. Sitting in a box ready to be used by our heroes. Or maybe not OWH-ready (need stamped, or card fronts needing card bases, etc) but close-to-ready. We know there are plenty of cards out there that need a note written in them....so let's hold a scavenger hunt for them! Here's a partial list of places to check out - add your own suggestions in comments on this blog post!
  1. Stamp store - they almost always have samples in the back from past seasons/lines of stamps. 
  2. Scrapbook store - ditto!
  3. Local stamp demos - Stampin Up!, CTMH, or others....look in your phone book for "rubberstamping" and see what you find! Lots of these company reps can't use or post cards using retired stamp sets, and they're often ready to unload their cardfronts or cards to someone who needs them.
  4. Stamp manufacturers - do you know someone who works at a manufacturing company? Email and ask if they've got samples!
  5. Design teams - members of DTs often have a good stash of cards lying around too - send them the url and see if they're interested in getting rid of some of their unused cards.
  6. Stores that sell handmade cards - many sell them on consignment, but some could have cards in the back that haven't sold for one reason or another - and they'd love shelf space back. 
And if you find a motherlode? Contact a few local cardmakers, and host a short triage party! Many hands make light work - so you can share some Christmas cookies, stamp and tuck a few cards, and then go on to holiday preparations with gusto, knowing you've given some cards a new home :)

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