Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday: November 4, 2010

This week our shippers received, processed, stamped, tucked, and triaged 42,510 cards! WOW! Our cardmakers are crazyawesome!!! The AnyHero mail has also been pouring in and we are so glad to be able to include more in each of the packets in our boxes; that is such encouragement to our heroes to read!

As we've hit the deadline for holiday cards, we did discover a fairly common thread among the packages we've received in this last week or two, so thought we'd address it here.

We know you're all so excited about helping our heroes...but many of you are focusing on quantity over quality. Especially at the end of deadlines. This may be a symptom of the economy; if you can't afford good supplies, feel free to make fewer cards but with higher quality materials. Please understand that we mailed 91,000 cards last month - that means there are plenty of other cardmakers also working hard on making cards; so you don't need to feel personally responsible for getting a ton of cards made. The most common issues....
  • cards made with really cheap cardstock (the stuff that's barely as heavy as patterned paper or construction paper); please don't purchase the cheap stuff or to double up computer paper just to try to get a lot of cards made. You may only be succeeding in creating hospital patients.
  • cards made with children's craft supplies (foamies or stickers all over them, handwritten sentiments). Please leave the kids supplies to the kids AnyHero cards. 
  • cards made with gluesticks - these do not stick well, so we're gluing lots of cards back together. Save us the labor and invest in some better adhesives.
  • cards made with giftwrapping paper - they are falling apart. Please use papers made for crafting, as wrapping paper has coatings that make your adhesives let go by the time it gets to us. These will not last through shipping to us, overseas, and back home.
  • blank cards made with sentiments appropriate for AnyHero cards ("thank you for your service" or the Christmas poem to a soldier) - with no note inside. Our shippers do not need more blank AnyHero cards; we are overrun with them.
  • Please feel free to write notes in poorer quality cards you've been given by your friends, rather than writing us a note telling us we can make unacceptable ones into AnyHero notes. We'd prefer that you write the note yourself...we don't have extra time! 
Some comments we've been receiving lately have been that our heroes "are surely glad for anything we send" - and in talking with many of them, that is partially true. They're delighted at your efforts. But if it's a card that is falling apart, cut crooked, handwritten, or covered in stickers, it just doesn't look like there's much love poured into it; and it's getting left in the bottom of the box. Take your time, enjoy your papercrafting, and let's give our heroes our best work. They deserve the extra effort!

And now, without further ado, our list of incredible donors for this week! THANK YOU for all you do for our heroes!!!!! The list is sorted by first name so hopefully you can easily find your name here. Well, if you sent in cards this week, that is! :)

  1. Adele, Woodland Hills, Ca
  2. Agnes, Moscow Mill, MO
  3. Alfie and The Crafty Pad, Belmont, MA
  4. Amanda and Community Congregational Church, Villa Park, IL
  5. Amber Marie and The Lotus Craft House, Aurora, CO
  6. Amy, Framingham, MA
  7. Andrea, St Germain, WI
  8. Angie, Port Neches, TX
  9. Ann, Houston, TX
  10. Ann, Knoxville, TN
  11. Anne, El Monte, CA
  12. Annette, Gansevoort, NY
  13. April, St Petersburg, FL
  14. Barb, Karen, and Irene, Kent, WA
  15. Barb, Milton, WI
  16. Barbara and Snesational Stampers - Brookhaven Church, Garland, TX
  17. Becca and Cannon School, Concord, NC
  18. Becca, Colorado Springs, CO
  19. Beckie, Hereford, TX
  20. Beth, Howell, MI
  21. Beth, Howell, MI
  22. Bette, Summerfield, FL
  23. Betty and Amenlin Thrift Store/ Corner Stone of Hope, Jetersville, VA
  24. Beverly, San Francisco, CA
  25. Bonnie, Mesa, AZ
  26. Brandy, Jacksonville, FL
  27. Brenda, Independence, KY
  28. C E , Apopkay, FL
  29. Capture Scrapbooking, Ft Collins, CO
  30. Carla, Mineral Bluff, GA
  31. Carmen, Northville, MI
  32. Carol and Shawna, Troutdale, OR
  33. Carol, Gilbertsville , PA
  34. Carol, Peoria, AZ
  35. Carol, Phoenix, AZ
  36. Carol, Prairie Village, KS
  37. Carol, St Louis, MO
  38. Carole, Campton, KY
  39. Carolyn, Livonia, MI
  40. Carolyn, Scottsboro, AL
  41. Catherine, Blue Springs, MO
  42. Cathie, Fresno, CA
  43. Cathy, Albuequerque, NM
  44. Cathy, Jamestown, KY
  45. Cecilia, Raleigh, NC
  46. Celeste, Fishers, IN
  47. Chandra, Concord, CA
  48. Charlsie, Napa, CA
  49. Cheryl, Auburn, ME
  50. Cheryl, Manchester, NH
  51. Cheryl, New York, NY
  52. Chris, Monument, CO
  53. Christi and Team Stars & Stripes, Canton, MA
  54. Christie, Bartlett, Il
  55. Christina and MOPS Encouraging Group, Allen, TX
  56. Christina, Parkland, Wa
  57. Christine, Lake Placid, FL
  58. Christine, Norwalk, CT
  59. Christine, Rensselear, NY
  60. Christine, Sacramento, CA
  61. Christine, Warren, MI
  62. Cindy and Christian Church of Lemon Grove, Spring Valley, CA
  63. Cindy and Friends at Checkered Cottage, St Louis, MO
  64. Cindy and Snap Dragons & Brandywine Elementary School, Indianpolis, IN
  65. Cindy, Newark, CA
  66. Clara, N Andover , MA
  67. Claudia, Ormond Beach, FL
  68. Colleen, Bethlehem, PA
  69. Creations by Christie, Bartlett, IL
  70. Crystal, Canton, MI
  71. Cyndi, Honolulu, HI
  72. Dana and Stampalicious, Columbian, SC
  73. Danielle, Clinton Township, MI
  74. Daria, Middleton, WI
  75. Dawn, Ocala, FL
  76. Debbie and and Liz, Phoenix, AZ
  77. Debbie, Casa Grande, AZ
  78. Debbie, Irvine, CA
  79. Debbie, Sacramento, CA
  80. Debbie, Versailles, OH
  81. Debby, Buffalo, MO
  82. Debra, Naples, FL
  83. Debra, Salt Lake City, UT
  84. Deloris , West Salem, OH
  85. Denise, Alexandria, LA
  86. Denise, Arroyo Grande, CA
  87. Denise, Pueblo, CO
  88. Diana, McKinney, TX
  89. Diorizella, Gurabo, PR
  90. Disabled American Veterans, Hutchinson , MN
  91. Dolores, Frederick, MD
  92. Donna, Gainesville, MO
  93. Donna, Hollidaysburg, PA
  94. Donna, Monroe, LA
  95. Donna, Trabuco Canyon, CA
  96. DRS Designs, Bethel, CT
  97. Eileen and Card Making Parties for OWH, St. Mary's, PA
  98. Elaine, Keene, NH
  99. Elizabeth, Highland Mills, NY
  100. Elizabeth, New Canaan, CT
  101. Ellen, Pasadena, MD
  102. Esther, Ferndale, MI
  103. Faye, Fargo, ND
  104. Fran, Powell, OH
  105. Frances and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Healdsburg, CA
  106. Frances, Gilbert, AZ
  107. Frances, Sherman, ME
  108. Gai, Dallas, TX
  109. Gail, Sacramento, CA
  110. Gayla, Dillsboro, IN
  111. Gina, Suwanee, GA
  112. Glenda, Renton, WA
  113. Glenda, Richmond, CA
  114. Hannah, Ferguson, MO
  115. Heather , Vancouver, WA
  116. Heather and Transfiguration School second graders, Oakdale, MN
  117. Heidi, Concord, NH
  118. Helen, Spring Creek, NV
  119. HyVee Weitz Construction, Des Moines, IA
  120. Jackie and Crystal River Womens Club, Homosassa Springs, , FL
  121. Jan and Marshfield Clinic Center's For a Cause, Marshfield, WI
  122. Jan, Akron, OH
  123. Jane and Women of P.E.O., Coon Rapids, IA
  124. Jane, Chesapeake, VA
  125. Jane, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
  126. Janet, Colby, KS
  127. Janet, Stayton, OR
  128. Janice and Girl Scout Troop 2870, Big Bend, WI
  129. Janice and HAAS Group International, West Chester, PA
  130. Jayne, Fortson, GA
  131. Jeanette, Oliver Springs, TN
  132. Jeanine, Toledo, OH
  133. Jeanne and and friends, St Maries, ID
  134. Jeanne, St Maries, ID
  135. Jennifer and Crafty Card Gallery, Citrus Heights, CA
  136. Jennifer and Trevor's Tuff Mamma's, Knox, IN
  137. Jennifer, Coral Springs, FL
  138. Jennifer, Warrenton, VA
  139. Jeri and Scrapbook Art Card Club, Columbus, OH
  140. Jessica, Pinellas Park, FL
  141. Jessica, San Jose, CA
  142. Joan and and friends, Lodi, CA
  143. Joan, Woodland, WA
  144. Jody, Scottsdale , AZ
  145. Joyce, Concord, CA
  146. Joyce, Dearborn, MI
  147. Joyce, Soap Lake, WA
  148. Juanita, Plant City, FL
  149. Judith, Lincoln, NE
  150. Judy, Twp. of Washington, NJ
  151. Julie, Greenacres , FL
  152. Julie, Selma, OR
  153. Kaki and Scrappin' Yats, Lacombe, LA
  154. Kandice, Stone Mountain, GA
  155. Kara, Akron, OH
  156. Karen and Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, Paradise, CA
  157. Karen, Gaithersburg, MD
  158. Karen, Glen Haven, CO
  159. Karen, Huntington Beach , CA
  160. Karen, Nampa, ID
  161. Karen, Yantis, TX
  162. Kathi, Hockessin, DE
  163. Kathy and Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Livonia, NY
  164. Kathy, Pontiac, MI
  165. Kathy, Reedley, CA
  166. Kathy, Rochester, MN
  167. Kendall, Lawrenceburg, IN
  168. Kiely, Longmont, CO
  169. Kim, Binghamton, NY
  170. Kim, Bloomington, IL
  171. Kim, Whitman, MA
  172. Kimberly, Westminster, MD
  173. Kristin & Sandy, Pingree Grove, IL
  174. Kristine and Brownie Troop 60260, Hamden, CT
  175. Lana, Goodyear, AZ
  176. Laura and The Pilot Club of Moultrie, Inc, Moultrie, GA
  177. Laura, Cottontown, TN
  178. Laura, Newfoundland, PA
  179. Laura, Park Rapids, MN
  180. Laurie, Evans, GA
  181. Leah, St Paul , MN
  182. Leah, St Paul, MN
  183. Leann, St Paul, MN
  184. Lee Mae, Silverdale, WA
  185. Leigh Ann, Franklin, IN
  186. Leigh, Houston, TX
  187. Lesley, Kirkwood, MO
  188. Leslie, Bogart, GA
  189. Leslie, Clinton, UT
  190. Leslie, Willoughby Hills, OH
  191. Lin, Virginia Beach, VA
  192. Linda and Mad Hatters of the Historic Village of Old Bridge, East Brunswick, NJ
  193. Linda, Belleville, IL
  194. Linda, Dillsboro, IN
  195. Linda, El Paso, TX
  196. Linda, Indianpolis, IN
  197. Linda, Santa Monica, CA
  198. Linda, Santa Monica, CA
  199. Linda, Waldorf, MD
  200. Lindy, Seattle, Wa
  201. Lisa, Montrose, MI
  202. Lisa, Taylorsville, NC
  203. Lora, Patten, ME
  204. Lori and Capital City Christian Church, Jefferson City, MO
  205. Lori and Immanuel Lutheran Card Ministry, Milwaukee, WI
  206. Lori, Black Creek, WI
  207. Lori, Coon Rapids, MN
  208. Lori, Higginsville, MO
  209. Lori, Springfield, VA
  210. Lorraine and Canton Scrappers, Woodstock, GA
  211. Louise, Basking Ridge, NJ
  212. Lucy and Immaculate Conception Altar Society, Columbia, IL
  213. Lyn, Boise, ID
  214. Lynda, Grosse Pointe, MI
  215. Lynn, Golden Valley, AZ
  216. M, Sod, WV
  217. Mali and East Bay Scrapbookers, El Cerrito, CA
  218. Mandy, Christiana, TN
  219. Margo and and roommates, Souix City, IA
  220. Mari, Boardman, OH
  221. Marian, Huber Heights, OH
  222. Marian, Seal Beach, CA
  223. Marietta, Akron, IA
  224. Marilyn, West Chester, PA
  225. Marjorie and Scrapbookers @ Timberpoint Elementary School, Brentwood, CA
  226. Martha, Santa Rosa, CA
  227. Martha, Zephyrhills, FL
  228. Mary and Cuttind Edge, Oakdale, MN
  229. Mary Kay and and Cowan Printing, Oklahoma City OK, Oklahoma City, OK
  230. Mary, Lenexa, KS
  231. Mary, San Rafael, CA
  232. Maureen, Cedar RApids, IA
  233. Meg, Tucson, AZ
  234. Melanie, Everett, WA
  235. Melissa, Bloomington, IN
  236. Meredith, Zephyrhills, FL
  237. Michele, Morrow, OH
  238. Michelle, Gaithersburg, MD
  239. Michelle, Merion Station, PA
  240. Mona, Rocky Hill, CT
  241. Monica, Riverview, FL
  242. N.H.C. Nursing Home, Rossville, GA
  243. Nan, Fowlerville, MI
  244. Nancy and Glenwood 50+ Center, Eldersburg, MD
  245. Nancy, Birmingham, AL
  246. Nancy, Edmonds, WA
  247. Nancy, Hollister, CA
  248. Nancy, Williamston, NC
  249. Nanette and Pikes Peak Sunday Stampers, Colorado Springs, CO
  250. Nanette and Pikes Peak Sunday Stampers, Colorado Springs, CO
  251. Nanette and Pikes Peak Sunday Stampers, Colorado Springs, CO
  252. Natalie and The Onyx Group, Alexandria, VA
  253. Nikki and Oakstone Academy, Cols, OH
  254. Nina, Dayton, OH
  255. Nora, Medford, OR
  256. Olivia, Richmond, TX
  257. Pam, Florence, KY
  258. Pam, Mesquite, TX
  259. Pamela , Virginia Beach, VA
  260. Pamela, Virginia Beach, VA
  261. Pamela, Virginia, Beach
  262. Pat , Bloomington, MN
  263. Pat & Vicki, Olive Branch , MS
  264. Pat and St. John's UMC, Seaford, DE
  265. Pat and Upton Women's Club, Upton, MA
  266. Pat and Upton Women's Club, Upton, MA
  267. Pat, Bethel Park, PA
  268. Pat, Goshen, IN
  269. Pat, Stroudsburg, PA
  270. Pat, Upton, GA
  271. Pat, Vienna, NJ
  272. Patricia, Philadelphia, PA
  273. Patricia, Verona, VA
  274. Patsy, Richmond, CA
  275. Patti, Ruby, NY
  276. Paula and JPM NBC Contamination Avoidance, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
  277. Paula, Vista, CA
  278. Peggy, Plymouth, MI
  279. Polly, Peoria, AZ
  280. Rebecca and Girl Scouts of the NW Great Lakes, Eau Claire, WI
  281. Rebecca, Virginia Beach, VA
  282. Reva, Ogden, UT
  283. Rhonda and and Nancy W, Belleville, MI
  284. Rita and Kingsport Evening Civitan Club, Kingsport, TN
  285. Rita, Charlevoix, MI
  286. Robin and Cracker Jack Stampers, Dexter, MI
  287. Robin, Dexter, MI
  288. Robin, Oconomowoc, WI
  289. Robin, Templeton, MA
  290. Rosemary and Rosie's Art Carnival, Florence, OR
  291. Rosemary, Tacoma, WA
  292. Ruth and CRS Group, Gaithersburg, MD
  293. Samantha, Fort Lewis, WA
  294. Sandi, Fremont, CA
  295. Sandi, West Chester, PA
  296. Sandra , West Chester, PA
  297. Sandra, Hillsboro, OR
  298. Sandra, Lewiston, CA
  299. Sandy, Kennesaw, GA
  300. Sandy, Manchester, MO
  301. Sara, San Antonio, TX
  302. Seongsook, Sacramento, CA
  303. Seongsook, Sacramento, CA
  304. Shannon and and Kellie Shramm, Martinez, CA
  305. Shannon, Plainfield, IL
  306. Shannon, Plainfield, IL
  307. Sharlene and Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, Galveston, TX
  308. Sharon and and Karen B-V, Green Bay, WI
  309. Sharon and Leaton United Methodist Church Crop Club, Mt. Pleasant, MI
  310. Sharon and Waldron Mercy Academy, Narberth, PA
  311. Sharon, Goodyear, AZ
  312. Sharon, Hicksville, OH
  313. Sharon, Worcester, MA
  314. Shelly, Burnham, PA
  315. Shelly, Royal Oak, MI
  316. Sherri, Franklin, TN
  317. Sherry , Arlington, VA
  318. Sherry, Bonney Lake, WA
  319. Sherry, Walnut Creek, CA
  320. Sheryl, Whitinsville, MA
  321. Shirley and and friends, Kent, WA
  322. Stacy, Cincinnati, OH
  323. Stefanie , Staunton, VA
  324. Stefanie, Staunton, VA
  325. Stefanie, Staunton, VA
  326. Stefanie, Staunton, VA
  327. Stefeni, Santee, CA
  328. Steffani, Wilmington, NC
  329. Steffani, Wilmington, NC
  330. Stephanie and First Christian Church, Johnston City, IL
  331. Stephanie and Robin, New York, NY
  332. Stephanie, Newport News, VA
  333. Steven, Spring, TX
  334. Sue , Marinette, WI
  335. Sue , Reinbeck, IA
  336. Sue and Country Lane Crafters, San Jose, CA
  337. Sue, East Greenwich, RI
  338. Sue, Scottsdale, AZ
  339. Susan, Egg Harbor Twp., NJ
  340. Susan, Lancaster , PA
  341. Suzanne and Heidi Huffman, Rhoda Huffman, LaVerne, CA
  342. Tami, Salem, OR
  343. Tammy, Melrose Park, IL
  344. Tammy, Reedsport, OR
  345. Tara, Long Beach, CA
  346. Teresa and Founders Library Assoc, DeKalb, IL
  347. Teresa, Telford, PA
  348. Terre, Yuma, AZ
  349. Tom and Fountain Valley High School, Fountain Valley, CA
  350. Tracy and Hilton-Parma Senior Center, Hilton, NY
  351. Trisha and Lake Austin Spa Resort, Austin, TX
  352. Valerie, Thornton, CO
  353. Vanessa and Union Level Baptist Church WMU, South Hill , VA
  354. Verneta and Anchorage Church of Christ, Anchorage, AK
  355. Veronica, Madison, AL
  356. Veronica, Ornogo, MO
  357. Virginia, Hamilton, OH
  358. Virginia, Miamisburg, OH
  359. Virginia, Miamisburg, OH
  360. Wendy, Raleigh, NC
  361. Wendy, Sacramento, CA
  362. Yvonne, Brighton, MI


April said...

Great job everyone!

My shipment actually contained the cards of myself and 4 other card makers from across the country as part of an online website, so thanks also need to go to: Raelynn - in IL, Sandy in PA, Dianna in MN, and Michelle in IN.

Anonymous said...

Most of my cards are made out of the pre-cut cards/envelope sets I get from the scrapbook stores. I assumed these were okay, but they aren't quite as thick and heavy as a 12x12 of Bazzil cardstock. Are these okay? Should I stop using these? They have seemed to hold up for cards I have made for other purposes...but don't want to continue using them for OWH if they aren't good enough. Thanks!

Dawn said...

Wow, that is amazing. I can't believe the number of cards.

Dawn said...

@April - I sent you a message via your website message form. Please take a look. Thanks. :)

April said...

cpnmomma - I'm looking into it for you!

Operation Write Home said...

Anonymous, the ones in the sets at the stores are okay. There are some packs of letter-sized cardstock that say they're cardstock - but when you open them they really feel more like construction paper. Cool colors, great for layering, but way too thin for card bases :)

Adele said...

Construction paper is great for layering???? Yay!!! I'm bringing back my construction paper!! I thought we weren't allowed to use it anymore. I've never used it in place of card stock, but miss the bright, solid colors in my layering. Hooray!

Operation Write Home said...

Adele, its not construction paper that's okay - it's the stuff LIKE construction paper. It comes in packs at the craft stores and is labeled cardstock, but it's really more like construction paper.

Construction paper has too much of a "tooth" to it and is so soft it doesn't stick well at all.