Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday: December 2, 2010

WOW! What an amazing couple weeks it has been! The Archway Challenge has kept our shippers hopping in what is normally a very quiet season for OWH....MANY thanks to Archway and all the cardmakers who've taken it on with gusto.

Before we get to the results - a note for midwest cardmakers. Kris has been out of town, but she's sent me the totals of your cards you emailed her about. So your numbers are included in the grand total. She'll get the boxes processed and you'll be on next week's Thankful Thursday post. Thanks for your patience with her, she'll get back to you as she can - I can only guess she'll be buried in boxes upon her return!

Okay, and now you want to know how many cards we got for the challenge, right? Here goes. From the launch of the challenge on November 10th, through yesterday December 1st - we had 21 days. Three small weeks. With a holiday in the middle of them. Snowstorms and other interruptions across the country. And yet, you all stepped up, in amazing ways, to create some of the most beautiful valentines for our heroes to write home on. How many? 8912!!!! You blew away the goal - with DOUBLE the amount needed to meet that cookie challenge! CONGRATULATIONS!!! And big congrats to our heroes, who are the winners here - they're going to be receiving all those cookies! Many thanks to Archway for offering up this challenge, and for getting all those cookies sent overseas!

How do these cookies and valentines get over there?
  1. First, each shipper picked 1/3 of the contacts that will receive boxes. These were from each shipper's list of 'regulars', and they picked the most remote units who also were in regular contact with us, so we know they've not moved anywhere.
  2. Ziploc bags of 50 valentines were packed up for each of the cookie boxes. 950 of the west coast valentines were shipped to the east coast Archway/Lance office where the cookies are leaving from. 750 from our NC facility are joining them there. (Sandy and Dixie included valentines for Kris' heroes.) Customs forms, labels, and a letter to each contact explaining the Archway challenge were included in each ziploc.
  3. Archway will tuck those ziplocs into the boxes, and mail them all out!
The remainder of the valentines will be going to our other contacts; and each who gets the cookie boxes will receive the remainder of their regular shipment in a separate box from us. And hopefully we'll get to see some photos of the cookies and valentines on arrival....though it's possible those cookies will get devoured before anyone finds a camera! Cross your fingers we get to see a few results of our labors!

It's going to be a sweeeeeeet Christmas for our heroes 
because of YOU!

Here are the folks who donated cards and funds this week - remember, midwesterners will be added to next week's report when Kris gets back! Thank you everyone!

  1. Alex, Mountain Home, ID
  2. Allyson , Fort Worth, TX
  3. Amanda and Wills Point Ladies Club, Wills Point , TX
  4. Andrea and East Regional Library, Knightdale, NC
  5. Anita and Stamp Tramps, Turlock , CA
  6. Ann, Hutchinson, MN
  7. Ann, Magalia, CA
  8. Ann, Orem, UT
  9. Audra, Richmond, TX
  10. Barbara, Big Bear Lake, CA
  11. Barbara, Milton, WI
  12. Barbara, Wurtsboro, NY
  13. Becky, Elk Grove, CA
  14. Betty , Mountain Home, ID
  15. Carol, Cincinnati, OH
  16. Carol, Gainesville, FL
  17. Carol, Peoria, AZ
  18. Carolyn, Darien, IL
  19. Carolynn, So. Strafford, VT
  20. Cathie, Corona, CA
  21. Cathy and Women's Club of Parsippany, Parsippany, NJ
  22. Cathy, Columbia, SC
  23. Cathy, Durham, NC
  24. Cherie, Tacoma, WA
  25. Cheryl and Trevors Tuff Mammas, Knox, IN
  26. Cheryl, Zephyrhills, FL
  27. Cindee, Harrisburg, PA
  28. Cindy, Alameda, CA
  29. Cindy, Pewaukee, WI
  30. Dawn, Charlotte, NC
  31. Debbie, WVC, UT
  32. Debby, MO,
  33. Deloris, West Salem, OH
  34. Denise, Martinez, GA
  35. Denise, Pueblo, CO
  36. Denise, Williamsville, NY
  37. Dolores, Frederick, MD
  38. Elaine, Keene, NH
  39. Elizabeth, Corona, CA
  40. Ellen and Running Brush Middle School, Cedar Park, TX
  41. Ellen and Running Brushy Middle School, Cedar Park, TX
  42. Ellen, Vancouver, WA
  43. Gail, Sacramento, CA
  44. Geralyn & Anna, Oshkosh, WI
  45. Geri, Mercer Island, WA
  46. Glenda and Sarah, Renton, WA
  47. Harriet, Vista, CA
  48. Jan and Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy, Cedar City, UT
  49. Jan, Evington, VA
  50. Jane, Valdosta, GA
  51. Janet, Newburyport, MA
  52. Janet, Stayton, OR
  53. Janis and The Crazy Croppers, Springfield, MO
  54. Jean, Meadville, PA
  55. Jeanne, St Maries , ID
  56. Jennifer, San Francisco, CA
  57. Jerrica, Upton, MA
  58. Jess and Sandy, Beloit, WI
  59. Jessica and Alpha Sigma Tau, Fairmont, WV
  60. Joanne, Allentown, PA
  61. Joanne, Bellevue, WA
  62. Judy, Orfordville, WI
  63. Julie and and Debbie, Reno, NV
  64. Karrla and YaYas, Cleburne, TX
  65. Kathy, Gilbertsville, PA
  66. Kathy, Ilion, NY
  67. Kathy, Laurel, MD
  68. Kathy, Reedley , Ca
  69. Kimberley, Kennewick, Wa
  70. Laura, Brackney, PA
  71. Leesa, Powder Springs, GA
  72. Leigh, Houston, TX
  73. Life Church, Aloha, OR
  74. Lily, Pittsburgh, PA
  75. Lina, El Paso, TX
  76. Lina, El Paso, TX
  77. Linda S. and Westwood Presbyterian Church, Westchester , CA
  78. Linda, Burien, WA
  79. Linda, Hemlock, NY
  80. Linda, Marietta, GA
  81. LindaLee, Charleston, WV
  82. LindaLee, Charleston, WV
  83. Lindy, Seattle, Wa
  84. Lisa, Lansing, Mi
  85. Lisa, Montrose, MI
  86. Lori, Springfield, VA
  87. Lucinda, Indiana, PA
  88. Lyn, Boise, ID
  89. Marianne, Naches, WA
  90. Martha, Santa Rosa, CA
  91. Mary Ann, Boone, NC
  92. Mary, Dassel, MN
  93. Maureen, Cedar Rapids, IA
  94. Missionfish, ,
  95. Nancy, Fremont, CA
  96. Nicole, Richfield , UT
  97. Nikki, Cuba, MO
  98. Pam, Big Springs, TX
  99. Pat , West Richland , WA
  100. Pat and NYS Office of the State Comptroller, Volunteer Team, Albany, NY
  101. Pat, Woodinville, WA
  102. Patty, Santee, CA
  103. Polly and friends at Curves, Peoria, AZ
  104. Polly, Peoria, AZ
  105. Raelynn, Boilingbrook, IL
  106. Randa, Columbia, SC
  107. Rebecca, Virginia Beach, VA
  108. Rhonda and Willow Elementary, Grantsville, UT
  109. Ronda and Paper Breezers, Navarre, FL
  110. Ruthanne, Leesburg, FL
  111. Sally, Flagstaff, AZ
  112. Sandi, Fort Smith, AR
  113. Scrapping the Magic, St Petersburg, FL
  114. Seongsook, Sacramento, CA
  115. Seongsook, Sacramento, CA
  116. Seongsook, Sacramento, CA
  117. Sharon, Goodyear, AZ
  118. Sheila, Puyallup, WA
  119. Shelly, Sherry, Suzy, Hope, Kay, Jeanne, Shay, Melissa, Diane, Carrie, Kristian, Mickayla, Debi, and Kasey, Twin Falls, ID
  120. Sherry, Arlington, VA
  121. Stacie, Lisa, and Ashley
  122. Stephanie, New York, NY
  123. Susan, Evansville, IN
  124. Suzanne, Myrtle Beach, SC
  125. Tami, Walnut Creek, CA
  126. Terri, Lewiston, ME
  127. Theresa, Kent, WA
  128. Thurgood Marshall Elementary, Chesapeake, VA
  129. Tiffany and Long Beach Elementary, Long Beach, WA
  130. Velda, Mesquite, NV
  131. Victoria, Cullowhee, NC
  132. Yvette, Auburn, GA
  133. Yvonne and St Edward Catholic School, Corona CA, Mira Loma, Ca


Alexandra Lundgren said...

This is beyond phenominal!! WTG cardmakers and THANK YOU Archway for the support as well!!

Betty said...

WOOHOOO!!! OWH Cardmakers ROCK! Thank You ARCHWAY :)

Jay and I are so happy to have played a small part in this :)

grandmalee said...

A big pat on the back to all that contributed to this awesome project!!!! The big winners are our troops! Special thanks to Archway for their support of our troops!!!

Raelynn said...

Excellent! I hope we do as good on the voting. It is driving me CRAZY not to know what the standings are.

Rhonda Miller said...

Woo Hoo!!! WTG Cardmakers. Thank you Archway.

Unknown said...

Hooray! And thanks to Archway!