Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday: December 9, 2010


That seems so inadequate a word right now! We're sooooo Jo-Ann's for the generous donations they're making to us and the other orgs. Thankful to everyone who voted like mad and gained us a seat at second place. Thankful to all the donors who sent in cards and donations this week - and every week for years now. This whole project would never have happened if it were up to just one person - it takes a nation to keep our heroes writing home!

This is a poem written for Jo-Anns by one of our cardmakers, Kathy....isn't it just lovely?
How can we thank you? Let me count the ways.
Thanks for helping heroes, for that we give you praise.

You held a fancy contest and we all got to vote
And now that it is over, There’s news, so let’s take note

Operation Write Home won your second prize.
That’s money to help troops and families, I’m telling you no lies.

And when the shouting’s over, and we sit back and rest.
The generous money Joann’s put up makes me think that you’re the best.

So thank you Joann Fabrics. It’s so kind of you,
And lots more cards will come back home.
Working together, it’s what we do!!

So...thank you Jo-Anns. Thank you voters. Thank you cardmakers. Thank you heroes. What a way for our nation to come together. You all make us proud to be Americans.

On to this week's list.....bless you all for keeping the cards flowing during this slow time for OWH! :)
  1. Ally, Tulsa, OK
  2. Amanda, Fayetteville, NC
  3. Ann and friends, LaGrange, IL
  4. Ann, Hutchinson, MN
  5. Ann, Hutchinson, MN
  6. Annie & Mary, Lebanon, OH
  7. Barb, Escanaba, MI
  8. Beth, Howell, MI
  9. Betty, Salina, KS
  10. Bev, Florence, SC
  11. Brenda, Chesapeake, VA
  12. Brenda, Post Falls, ID
  13. Bridget, Algoma, WI
  14. Carla, Palm Coast, FL
  15. Carmen, Northville, MI
  16. Carol, Joplin, MO
  17. Cathy and Ai Squared, Manchester Ctr., VT
  18. Catie K, San Jose CA
  19. Cheryl and Blue Valley West Leo Club, Overland Park , KS
  20. Cheryl, Joplin, MO
  21. Chris, Monument, CO
  22. Christine, Warren, MI
  23. Cindy and Scrap Dragons, Indianpolis, IN
  24. Cindy, Dearborn Heights, MI
  25. Cindy, Hesston, KS
  26. Cindy, Normal, IL
  27. Cora, Eugene, OR
  28. Cornerstone Church, Owatonna, MN
  29. Danielle, Mukwonago, WI
  30. Deb and Lincoln Elementary 1st graders, Mrs Reynold's class, Hyrum, UT
  31. Deb and Morley Library/YMCA, Painesville, OH
  32. Deb, Manhattan, KS
  33. Deborah, Seattle, WA
  34. Dee, Brimley, MI
  35. Dee, Brimley, MI
  36. Dee, Puyallup, WA
  37. Denise, Martinez, GA
  38. Diane, Norfolk, VA
  39. Donna, Hutchinson , MN
  40. Ellen, Leander, TX
  41. Esther, Vancouver, WA
  42. Ginny, Calabash, NC
  43. Girl Scout Troop 680, Rochester, NY
  44. Hannah, Naples, FL
  45. Janet, San Marino, CA
  46. Janet, Stayton, OR
  47. Janis, Olustee, OK
  48. Jean and Ellinwood Designs, Rochester, NY
  49. Jeany , Webb City, MO
  50. Jen, Schaumburg, IL
  51. Jennifer, Citrus Heights, CA
  52. Joanie, Avon, IN
  53. Joanne, Allentown, PA
  54. Joanne, Fort Mill, SC
  55. Jody and Mrs. Smith's 3rd graders at Harrogate Elementary, Chester, VA
  56. Joy, Columbia, MO
  57. Judith, Hudson, IA
  58. Judy, Cleburne, TX
  59. Karen and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Allen, TX
  60. Karla, San Diego, CA
  61. Katherine, Hockessin, DE
  62. Kathy and Barringer Road School 2nd Graders, Ilion, NY
  63. Kiersten and Girl Scout Troop 473 and Troop 566, Kansas City, MO
  64. Kristen, Palatine, IL
  65. Laura and St Pius 8th Grade Confirmation Class, Villa Park, IL
  66. Laurel, Naperville, IL
  67. Lauren and MOPS of McKinney Central TX, McKinney, TX
  68. Lee, Dalton, WI
  69. Linda and Avongard Products USA Ltd , Santa Monica, CA
  70. Linda, Madison, OH
  71. Lisa, Montrose, MI
  72. Lora and Card Swap friends, Columbia, MO
  73. Lori and friends, Mascoutah, IL
  74. Louise, Basking Ridge, NJ
  75. Marge, Wayne, NJ
  76. Mary, Lenexa, KS
  77. Moriah, Stow, MA
  78. Ms, Elkins, AR
  79. Nan, Fowlerville, MI
  80. Nancy, Bound Brook, NJ
  81. Nancy, Eddyville, KY
  82. Nancy, Knights Landing, CA
  83. Pam, Keller, TX
  84. Patricia, Keystone Heights, FL
  85. Patricia, Tulsa, OK
  86. Patricia, Verona, VA
  87. Phyllis and Lincoln Hills Paper Arts Group, Lincoln , CA
  88. Rachel and Expressions of Faith, Buffalo, NY
  89. Rachel and Expressions of Faith, Buffalo, NY
  90. Reta, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
  91. Roberta, Lafayette, IN
  92. Robin, Oconomowoc, WI
  93. Rosie and Rosie's Art Carnival, Florence, OR
  94. Sarah and Stationery Trends Magazine, Beachwood, OH
  95. Seongsook, Sacramento, CA
  96. Sharon and Girl Scout Troop 50355, Hastings, MN
  97. Sharon and Hastings Middle School, Hastings, MN
  98. Stacy, Cincinnati, OH
  99. Sue , Reinbeck, IA
  100. Sue, Castle Rock, CO
  101. Sue, Rockford, IL
  102. Susan, Galloway, OH
  103. Susan, Kansas City, MO
  104. Sybilla, Gilbertsville, PA
  105. Tami and friends, Vancouver, WA
  106. Tina, Boynton Beach, FL
  107. Tracy and Michigan Minglers, Shelby Township, MI
  108. Valerie and friends, Lawton, IA
  109. Valley Christian School, Cerritos CA
  110. Veronica, Oronogo, MO
  111. WS Packaging Group, Green Bay, WI

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jaemom said...

Congrats on 2nd place! That's so exciting! Hooray for Heroes and for OWH!