Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Custom Rubber Stamps

By popular demand...we've got a great partnership to announce to you today!

For some time now, we've had our small rubberstamps with Operation Write Home® on them made by a great company in Florida, Picture My Stamp (Rubber Stamp Manufacturing Services) - and the company owner, Susan Janicki, is thrilled to be working alongside us in a deeper partnership on her other site, StampersBest.com  (Deep Etch Rubber Stamps and Cling Cushion Mounting Foam). "It is so exciting to be helping with Operation Write Home," said Susan. "I look forward to assisting OWH cardmakers in their efforts of making life more pleasant for our military heroes and their families."

Now available at Stampers Best: three designs are available with the OWH logo - and YOUR name - in real live deep etched red rubber! Many of you have wished you had a custom stamp to use with other inks - so you can stamp on different colors and papers with the appropriate inks. Delivery time on these will be a few weeks since they'll wait for a few orders to gang up together, but the stamps will be worth the wait! These cost $12 each and come with options - add a few dollars for cling mount, or a block, or a duplicate stamp in case you lose one :)  They're available now for purchase at StampersBest.com. Be sure to leave them a big 'thank you' when you place your order! And read on below to hear more of Susan's heart for our heroes.

When asked what the company's motivation is for helping OWH stampers in our work, Susan said, "My family is grateful for the sacrifices and protections of the US military. I am the daughter of Polish immigrants who fled communist persecution for democracy. Being born and raised in the USA has provided me the freedom and security to pursue my life's dreams. I strongly believe that our armed forces keep my family and our country safe, and allows global markets to remain open for all to prosper."

She continued, "I started my rubber stamp business in '03 while working my day job as a police dispatcher for the county sheriff's office. I pursued both endeavors until my company flourished enough to allow me to work at it full time. Eight years later, my business continues to grow steadily by servicing customers worldwide. I am proud to say that I own a US-based manufacturing company that employs production staff, graphic designers and artists."

Susan has graciously offered to continue supplying us with the freebie stamps we've been giving away, in order to help us to help YOU help your shipper. We want you to be able to stamp the backs of your cards, so our shippers can focus on shipping and not triage! :) We are thrilled to be working with Susan and her team to keep this option for a free (non-custom) stamp available!

"The amazing power of the internet enables me to meet a lot of new people," said Susan, "and I am inspired by all who share the American entrepreneurial spirit. I know that part of my good fortune and prosperity is directly attributed to the brave men and women serving our country in the military and those who support them."

We're also working on another exciting idea with Susan that we'll launch soon, so stay tuned!

On today's tutorial on the Stars and Stamps blog, you'll see how you can add cling foam to your own stamp - you may wish to order some while you're ordering your custom rubberstamp!


Laurie said...

Oh, Sandy! This video explains so much about why I've naturally shied away from using stamps in the past. I was always smearing the edges of my image with extra ink. Now to purge my stash of those messy stamps that won't make clean pictures, because they aren't deep enough. I've been storing them in CD cases, though, so as I purge, I'll have to think about re-doing the exterior graphics with new stamp pictures.

gbinion said...

this is soooo awesome!!! i can't wait to order my new PERSONALIZED stamp!!!

acornsales said...

Good variety of rubber stamps, the best part is they also cater personalize3d orders..... its actually favoring your customer by making stamps of their need.......... :)

marie said...

Received mine today!! It looks awesome and I can't wait to use it.

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