Sunday, January 9, 2011

Important note about spring holidays!

Now that we're past the Valentines - we need to turn our brains toward the next seasons! Two very important reminders:

  1. If you're making a lot of cards for any season, remember to get your cards in TWO WEEKS BEFORE these posted deadlines; sending a couple hundred cards right at the deadline really makes it nearly impossible to get your cards mixed in the last couple boxes!
  2. Making "general" cards that can also be used for a holiday are the MOST useful to our heroes. We got lots of "love" cards as well as ones that specifically said "Happy Valentines Day" --- that helps a lot when we don't know how many heroes will be sharing a box.....they can use the general love cards, but don't have to write them all out before V-Day. So - "Lucky to have you" and "Some bunny loves you" are great sentiments for spring!

St Patricks - due Feb 10
Though we do send out St Patty's Day cards, we send a lot less than we do for Valentines and Christmas - we've never gotten one request for St Pat's cards, and we've gotten some surprised comments like, "Wow you even send St Pattys cards!" So - the need is NOT as big for these as for other holidays.

You may still make St Patty's cards, but if you would have to go buy new stuff to make them, we'd love to save you the expense and ask for you to focus on our general cards - thinking of you, birthday, missing you, love, thanks, and no-sentiment. We need LOTS of these, and your help in getting those for us would be awesome!
ADDITIONAL NOTE: It's hard to avoid with St Patricks Day cards, but do NOT send cards with alcohol references. These cards are being sent to contexts where local laws do not allow drinking, and though these cards are in the hands of Americans, we do not wish to offend any of the locals they work with - nor encourage our own heroes thinking about things they can't have while deployed.

Easter - due March 18
Bunnies and chicks, as well as religious cards are welcome. You can also make "spring" sentiments for those who don't celebrate Easter!

Mother's Day - due March 31
It's not too early to start thinking about Mom and Dad cards! Consider sending in a half dozen of these while sending in your other spring cards, just to get our stash built up for the first Moms Day boxes! Also - if you can separate your cards out so that the ones that say "Happy Mother's Day" are separate from the ones that say "Love you Mom", that helps us be able to get the Mother's Day cards targeted to mail first, and fill in with the general ones!


Nancy Boatwright said...

Thanks for all you do for our troops. I resently found your site and am now busy making cards for you. Will be mailing in ones for Easter and Mother's Day along with general cards.

Lilo Driscol said...

I am very excited to have found OWH. I sent my son a gallon size zip lock bag full of Christmas cards, and Birthday cards for all the family who's Birthdays he would miss while he was gone in Afghanistan. I put in a few extra so he could share them with the troops in his FOB. They all enjoyed them.

I now have my OWH rubber stamp, and I am getting busy with the cards that I will soon be sending your way.

A girl at work said that she got her Christmas cards last year while she was stationed in the Perfume Palace out of a box of cards from OWH. She is so excited that I am now going to be a part of such a great organization.