Monday, January 24, 2011

Mailroom Monday: January 24, 2011

Eeeep. No cards to report mailed this week! We do have some boxes packed after this weekend to mail out, but....we slowed down on incoming cards a lot last week. (Less than 900 came in to WA, come on west coast, I'm cheering for ya!) However, this gives me a chance to update you on a couple things.


We'll be publishing the Annual Review on February 1st, so please stay tuned!


We have now emailed out all the receipts; we had to do it over the course of days since our system limits us. But they're done! Our data transfer to the new system is showing up some hitches in our giddyup - so please see if you're in any of these categories and get us corrected info:

If you did NOT get a receipt:
That either means your email address is incorrect in our system, or you did not provide an email address or packing slip when you sent in your cards. If the latter is the case, we sometimes can get your name and address off the package itself, but sometimes that also isn't possible; please detail what quantity of cards was in your package when you mail in your information. (It's also possible something just totally goofed up in the system!)  Email

If your contact info was wrong:
Some of the addresses in our system are old ones, so please get us the corrected address. We can re-send the corrected receipt. Email

If you got TWO year-end receipts:
That means we have you listed twice in our system somehow. We'd like to combine your accounts in our system, and we can send a new combined receipt to you. Email

If the number of cards was lower than your records:
Let us know what that number should have been; we'll try to see if there are multiple accounts for you. Sometimes if you didn't include a packing slip with the quantity listed, we ballparked a guess at the total, since our shippers often run short of time to do that part. Email

If the number of cards was higher than your records:
Relax, you were more productive than you thought you were! lol. Actually, we can correct those, but we'll have plenty of other corrections to make, so if you don't need a corrected lowered receipt, use the one you have, thanks.

And while we appreciate your gratitude, don't feel the need to reply to the receipt email - I get 2 emailed copy of every receipt, so my inbox is drowning. LOL. Yeah, the system causes lots of positives but also some, uhm, interesting things! Thank you again so much for allllllll your cards last year!


Leslie said...

Do we have any idea what each card is valued at for tax purposes? As a write off, it would be nice to know what the IRS thinks is a reasonable figure?

Operation Write Home said...

Leslie that's up to you and your tax advisor, we aren't allowed to provide an estimate that way. I assume everyone picks their own number though, I don't believe there's a number the IRS prefers.

Alexandra Lundgren said...

Sounds like a lot of work!

Sorry the cards are slowing down while the requests are picking up. I'll keep working on recruits! :D

Anonymous said...

We just sent off a box of 50 cards today Sandy. More to come in February. If you miss your goal, I one works harder than all of you senders. I have so many ideas - just need more time. I'm sure you have heard that before!