Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wondering about your receipts?

Many of you are working on your taxes right now - and we're working on getting the receipts for your 2010 donations emailed out, starting this week!

We've got a whole new system, so we have to do the mass email in a particular way: we're only allowed 250 receipt emails per day (so your computers and ours don't think we're spambots!) starting later this week, after our board meeting, we'll be sending out 250 each day.

You'll receive a summary of all of 2010 in one email - your cards and AnyHero letters as one number, and total financial donations.

It's up to you to work with your tax advisor as to what and how to deduct the value of the cards from your taxes. (The value is not up to OWH, either, we just provide you with the quantity.)

Note that if you have not provided us with an email address, or your email has changed, you may not be receiving an email receipt. We'll post a notice here once the receipts have all gone out - if you don't get anything by then, you'll be able to email us with a corrected address and we'll get that done for you quickly too!

This afternoon, those who have sent cards in January 2011 are getting receipt emails for donations so far this year; once those are caught up, you will be receiving an emailed receipt, rather than the email from your shipper notifying you of your package's arrival. It'll save us so much time to both provide your receipt AND let you know your cards are here, all in one email!

Thanks for your patience with our new system!

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