Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Do you remember our challenge back in the fall, gathering 8912 Valentines to go along with thousands of cookies? Here are photos of the cookie landings across Afghanistan and Iraq! And we're hearing from family members on Facebook that the Valentines are making their way back home...hooah!

Packs of 50 valentines to go in each box of Archway cookies!
Heading over to Lance (Archway) HQ

Lance Corporate HQ, Charlotte NC

Dropping off the cards to pack up with the cookies

Cookies received in Afghanistan!

Smiling happy cookie recipient, Afghanistan
One happy unit of Marines,  Afghanistan
A few of the thank you notes received about the cookies....
Thank you for the boxes of Valentine’s Day cards! We also received your box of cookies – everyone enjoyed these cookies! Thank you for continuing to provide us with the beautiful handmade cards. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
Happy New Year! I received the cookies but they went so fast I didn't have time to get my camera out!  
THANK SO MUCH......we appreciate the cards and cookies!
Thank you so much for the new box of cards. I get so many wonderful comments on how beautiful and thoughtful each card is. You all do amazing work! We also received the Valentine's Day cards and a box full of cookies, what a nice surprise! I hope you had a great holiday. Thanks again for your support!
Once again, many thanks to Archway Cookies for joining us in supporting our heroes!


Cindy O said...

What fun to see the whole story here in time for Valentine's Day. And thank you again to Archway!

Monica said...

Love how you told the whole story! Kristina sent me one of these beautiful valentines day cards! Did you notice she's holding her cookies upside down. LOL