Sunday, March 20, 2011

A note about Grad cards

We've been receiving a plethora of graduation cards - and while we know you want to make use of the grad cap stamps you bought, please refrain from going overboard! Just a couple are more than enough, and we're getting hundreds of the same design, like we would for usual holidays.

We only send half a dozen of those in each of the boxes - whereas for normal holidays we'll pack from 40-100 of the seasonal card. But grad cards are only sent when one KNOWS a grad - it's not a free-for-all occasion to write home!

INSTEAD: Make congratulations cards! Without graduation imagery of course. Those can be sent for babies, retirements, etc. as well as grads, so they have a longer shelf life than a grad card.

Please refer to our "needs" page if you want to see specifically what your shipper needs right now.


Unknown said...

Whew! Good thing you said something. I've been armed and ready with the grad images.

Anonymous said...

These specifics strengthen positive participation. Thank you. This will be mentioned to a DAV unit/ Auxilary next we meet. Reinforcing those who currently participate, reigniting those who have dozed off during this long long winter, eventho the calendar says spring, sparking a glimmer from those pondering making the idea their own may have interesting results. Continue to alert everyone with info and new outlet/ outreach possibilities. Thanks to all volunteers, crafters, packers, and bloggers.
Keep Looking UP!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys and dolls who make this a full circuit homeland all! Keep Looking UP!