Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stickles - is it ok?

One of our biggest questions that's asked about on our Facebook page, blog, and email is:

"I know glitter is a no no...are stickles okay?"
We've talked about it many times, but we'll address it again for you!

And it's not a straight answer, unfortunately. The whole reason for the rule against glitter is that it makes a mess on our heroes' uniforms and can make them visible to night vision goggles - and we don't want that! They may not even know it's all over them, so it's up to us to send cards that won't make a mess.

Stickles is a product that is SOMETIMES okay. We're not sure whether it's the composition of some of the colors, or simply the amount of Stickles that is used on the cards - but there are some cards where it stays put, and others that it rubs off. 
  • Before deciding to use Stickles on your card, test it first. Apply some to the kind of cardstock you'll be adding it to on the card, in the amount you'll be using it, and let it dry. Then test it - if it comes off on your finger when you rub it firmly, then don't use it. Some even use a fabric test - rub a sleeve on it, and see if it leaves the card.
  • If you already have cards with a little Stickles on them (this works only for small spots of it), you can add a little bit of Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze or other similar product, and that seals it in place. Be sure that doesn't wreck your design - slathering that all over a card can ruin it, and if you apply too much of it too thick it will remain sticky and attach itself to another card in the box, so it may not work for your card.
PS While we're talking sparkles - the papers with the glitter "embedded" in them are okay if they're fully sealed by the manufacturer; many papers have a coating that holds the glitter in place. Some, however, rub off - don't use those, please!

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My Need 2 Craft said...

I am so glad you posted this. I did have this question when I purchased some Stickles the other day. I think I am going to stick with my 'When in doubt, don't' philosophy. :) and just stay away from the sparkly's. :)
I can't wait to get my box of cards filled up to ship off to you all. I so admire your love and dedication to our troops. I am going to have a OWH luncheon/card making party in April with my family and friends that are so excited to do whatever we can to help our soldiers to stay in touch with their families and friends. Some of them are not crafter's think this is such a GREAT thing to do they are willing to stamp the backs of the cards and stuff the envelopes and cut the paper etc. Even some kids are getting into the action. OK...I better stop...I could go on and on, but I am so excited to do this. :) Hugs to all you wonderful folks at OWH!