Saturday, April 30, 2011

PR Team

Are you interested in helping spread the word about OWH? We've got a new email list we're gathering for those who would like to help out in this way.

What would I have to do?
You'll need to be willing to do a little research - figuring out the stations and papers in your area that would be most likely to do a story on OWH, finding out who the editors/producers are, and pitching the story to them. We'll provide you with the resources you need - and help in confirming that you've found the right person.

What will I be sending them?
We'll provide a press release, any email templates you'll need, and a phone script if applicable, so you'll be well equipped to send the right info to the contacts.

How do I sign up?
Edit your email list preferences and add "PR Team" to the lists you're on. We'll send info out through that list, and give you all the info you need.

What if I change my mind?
No harm, no foul! If you find that PR isn't your cup of tea, no problem at all. You can unsubscribe from the PR Team email list anytime.

Thanks for all you do for our heroes!

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