Friday, May 6, 2011

Special mission for kids!

May is Military Appreciation Month...and we have an assignment just for the little people! Write lots and lots of letters and draw lots of pictures for our heroes this month, and be sure to write a big thank you!

The summer is a very slow time for OWH in getting letters from children; all year long we have classrooms who participate, but we would like to encourage lots of classrooms to participate before school lets out for summer!

The flyer pictured here gives you all the information you need...and see those little square boxes? Scan those with a smart phone (using a free QR Code App), and they're links to the coloring pages and the mailroom! (How cool is that! I bet the kids know how to scan those things!)

Teachers, it's a great opportunity to teach your values of patriotism, gratitude, and service to you why not set aside time for your classroom to write letters? Let's stock up our shippers for the summer, so those boxes will contain lots of love from the kids!


Rhonda Miller said...

What a great idea. I'm going to talk to the school tomorrow.

Kathryn said... kids are taking quizzes tomorrow. Sounds like they'll have a second assignment when they're finished. :) 8th graders like to color, too!