Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday: May 12, 2011

It's Thursday again....and our gratitude only grows as we near that one MILLION card milestone! It's possible that today's mail will contain that millionth card....we're that close!!! We're just waiting on enough Father's Day cards to finish off the boxes - stay tuned to OWHtv tonight and maybe we'll get to see Sandy open the boxes and find out if we got enough Dad cards! :)

Many thanks to all these wonderful folks who sent in 15,271 cards this week!
  1. Albertine L, Lafayette, LA
  2. Alice C, Gardners, PA
  3. Amber A, Elmhurst, IL
  4. Amy E and George Washington Elementary School, ,
  5. Ann L, Orem, UT
  6. Barbara M and Scramping Divas, Bay City, MI
  7. Barbara R and Lynne, and Janet, Big Bear Lake, CA
  8. Betty T, Salina, KS
  9. Betty T, Salina, KS
  10. Bev T and Tavern Scrappers, Burgess, VA
  11. Bobbie G, Taos, NM
  12. Bonnie P, Eugene, OR
  13. Carol L, Gilbertsville, PA
  14. Carole S, Deland, FL
  15. Carolyn L, Darien, IL
  16. Cathy R, Jamestown, KY
  17. Cheryl B, Claypool, IN
  18. Cheryl G, Salem, WI
  19. Cheryl S, Thief River Ralls, MN
  20. Cheryl Y, South Pasadena, CA
  21. Cheryl Y, South Pasadena, CA
  22. Chris M, Newport, WA
  23. Christine F, Leominster, MA
  24. Christine H, San Jose, CA
  25. Cindy E, Newcastle, CA
  26. Cindy H, Edgewood, WA
  27. Cindy M, Pewaukee, WI
  28. Cindy O, Alameda, CA
  29. Cindy R, Alpharetta, GA
  30. Cora J, Eugene, OR
  31. D. T, Cherry Hill, NJ
  32. Dallas C, Mobile, AL
  33. Darlene M, Ridgecrest, CA
  34. Debbie L, Fullerton, CA
  35. Delores S and Sew & Sew Quilters, Spring, TX
  36. Deni D, Nevada City, CA
  37. Denise D, St Clair, MN
  38. Diana E and Girl Scout Troop 338, Lewis Center, OH
  39. Diane P, Maple Grove, MN
  40. Donna B, Newport Beach, CA
  41. Donna H, Seekonk, MA
  42. Dori S, San Antonio, TX
  43. Doris H, Louisville, KY
  44. Dorothy B, Corpus Christi, TX
  45. Dyan N, Lead, SD
  46. Frances S, Silverdale, WA
  47. Gail S, Elgin, IL
  48. Harriet L, Vista, CA
  49. Jacki F, Cambridge, MN
  50. Jacqulyn W, Cunningham, KY
  51. Jamie S, Kirby, TX
  52. Jan R, Akron, OH
  53. Jane C, Valdosta, GA
  54. Janis D, Olustee, OK
  55. Jean D, West Valley City, UT
  56. JeAnne M, Paducah, KY
  57. Jennifer C, San Francisco, CA
  58. Jennifer M, Marshfield, WI
  59. Jenny C, Springfield, MO
  60. Jo D, Pueblo, CO
  61. Joyce K and R U Stampin' & Scrappin', Hot Springs, AR
  62. Joyce K, Balto, MD
  63. Joyce N, Lakewood, WA
  64. Judith M, Hudson, IA
  65. Judy B, Cleburne, TX
  66. Judy G, Stevensville, MO
  67. Julie S, Ferndale, Wa
  68. Kathy F, Woodbridge, VA
  69. Kathy M and 3rd graders at Lithia Springs Elementary, Waukee, IA
  70. Kathy P, White Lake, MI
  71. Kathy V, Olympia, WA
  72. Kathy W, Laurel, MD
  73. Katrina G, Albuquerque, NM
  74. Kimberley M, Kennewick, Wa
  75. Kristin C, PingreeGrove, IL
  76. Kristin L and Scrapbook 101 Stamp Club, Muskegon, MI
  77. Laurie W, Evans, GA
  78. Leah M, Kalispell, MT
  79. LeAnn M, St Paul, MN
  80. Lee Mae E, Silverdale, WA
  81. Leslie M, Jacksonville, FL
  82. Lina W, El Paso, TX
  83. Linda K, Grant, MI
  84. Linda P, Madison, OH
  85. Linda S, Santa Monica, CA
  86. Lindy C, Seattle, WA
  87. Lori W, Katy, TX
  88. Lynda T, Grosse Pointe, MI
  89. Lynda T, Grosse Pointe, MI
  90. Lynn P, Charlotte, NC
  91. Madonna H, Springfield, VA
  92. Mardee S, San Francisco, CA
  93. Margaret G, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  94. Margaret G, Stevenson Ranch, CA
  95. Margaret G, Stevenson Ranch, CA
  96. Marlene F and Second graders at Joan Austin Elementary, Newberg OR, Hillsboro, OR
  97. Marlene F, Hillsboro, OR
  98. Marsha D, Everson, WA
  99. Martha S and SCRAP-Space Coast Rubber and Paper and Seasons of Stamping, Indialantic, FL
  100. Martie M, Dayton, OH
  101. Mary A, Port Arkansas, TX
  102. Mary E, San Rafael, CA
  103. Mary L, Covington, LA
  104. Mary S, Taunton, MN
  105. Maude B, Las Cruces, NM
  106. Maureen B and Bethany Baptist Pioneer Girls, Sterling Heights, MI
  107. Maureen B and Emmalee B, Sterling Heights, MI
  108. Multicultural A and Minority Student Services, Cent MI Univ, Mt Pleasant, MI
  109. Nancy A, Morgan Hill, CA
  110. Nancy H and Stamp 4 Joy - St. John's Church, Fallston, MD
  111. Nancy K, Idaho Falls, ID
  112. Nanette B and Pikes Peak Sunday Stampers, Colorado Springs, CO
  113. Nanette B and Pikes Peak Sunday Stampers, Colorado Springs, CO
  114. Nora C and Volunteer Virginia Stampers, Roanoke, VA
  115. Nora C, Roanoke, VA
  116. Nora C, Roanoke, VA
  117. Pansy F, Garden City, KS
  118. Pat C and Pacesetters Stamp Group, Shalimar, FL
  119. Pat K, West Richland, WA
  120. Patty S, Santee, CA
  121. Polly P, St Paul, MN
  122. Rachel S, Dayton, OH
  123. Roberta B and Stamp Camp participants, Minnetonka, MN
  124. Roberta O, Lafayette, IN
  125. Robin and Stephanie G, New York, NY
  126. Robin S, San Mateo, CA
  127. Sandra B, Neshkoro, WI
  128. Sara H, Mabank, TX
  129. Sara P, Monroe, SD
  130. Sherrilee C, Minneapolis, MN
  131. Sherry H, Arlington, VA
  132. Sherry V, Canal Fulton, OH
  133. Sherry V, Canal Fulton, OH
  134. Shirley G, Carbondale, IL
  135. Shirley S, Columbus, MS
  136. Steffani L, Wilmington, NC
  137. Sue B, Justin, TX
  138. Sue K, Cannon Falls, MN
  139. Sue S, Hendersonville, TN
  140. Teresa & Flo C, Olympia, WA
  141. Teresa H, Charleston, SC
  142. Terri L, Grants Pass, OR
  143. Therese D, Lewiston, ME
  144. Trish C, Spring Valley, MN
  145. Trudy A, Anaheim, CA
  146. United Way California , Sacramento, CA
  147. Valerie B, Thornton, CO
  148. Vicki V, Harrison, OH
  149. Violet M, Kiester, MN
  150. Wendy M, Portland, OR

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