Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Winners.....plus YOUR opinion is needed!

(Scroll to the end and give us your opinion on the graphic!)

The bloghop puzzle was such a FUN game! We had some interesting guesses at the puzzle solution....we accepted either ANYHERO LETTERS or ANY HERO LETTERS as correct responses! Go check out the comments on the original blog post - several folks left some love for blogs they couldn't leave comments for during the hop. (By the way - sorry for all the blogger issues! Must have been too much mojo!)

Random.org drew #36, which was Pat....congratulations!! You've won the Yankee Doodle prize pack!
The YouTube drawing was won by Cherie!
And for all of you who asked - we'd love to sell items with OWH on them. But for the moment we don't have enough brainspace to deal with how all that works - there's not only creation/fulfillment but the tax implications and reporting that we don't know much about yet. But stay tuned! :)

If you didn't pick up the game pieces along the way, here they are in correct order:

And now....your opinion
We're revamping our OWH brochure, and wanted to add a graphic showing the process of how the org works. Are there things we're missing? Does this explain it well to newbies, without getting into confusing detail? Click on the image to make it larger!


Misty said...

I think it is perfect. A clear & concise map of how OWH works. Really nicely laid out, with nice separation of steps using color.

Linda said...

Congrats to Pat!

Rae said...

Very nice job. Love its clarity.

bev said...

Awesome job on your explaination of Operation Write Home! I do not see where any changes are necessary... I can tell alot of time and work went into this project.

Cindy O said...

Great idea, and the graphics and colors. Two small suggestions:

At first glance, the top line caught my eye, and I didn't see the "sidewalk squares." I had to look awhile to get it. Maybe make the squares just a bit darker, or add a "start here" arrow.

Another suggestion is to remove the word "repair" on the 1st shipper. I think just "prepare" covers it, without sounding like "repair" is supposed to be part of it. (I know it is, but shouldn't be.)

Overall, I love it! It really gets the idea across.

Paula S. said...

Great gameboard concept I think I would simplify it some with fewer people. I had to read it more than once to match up the caption with the figures correctly. I am also not sure of the "include a gift" wording. It could be confusing and you may get physical gifts like socks or drink mixes instead of financial donations.

April said...

Change 'gift' and 'donation' to 'monetary gift' and 'monetary donation.' Also, what is meant by the word 'unit'?

April said...

When I first saw the picture, I didn't know where to start because it looks like a continuous loop. I think it's the long arrow and its accompanying text across the top that causes the problem. Is that message even necessary? Then I had trouble matching some of the text with the corresponding activity. How about red text for the red people, blue text for the blue people, etc.? You've got a good start, and I think it will be a great graphic!

E said...

It's really great for all us visual folks ! The piece I've missed is where do we find the address for our "regional shipper" when we have our cards completed ?? Sorry if I've overlooked it some where :)

Rhonda Miller said...

I think it looks great.

SuzAnn said...

oh I like the idea of making the text the same color as the "people" it applies to! I was going to suggest putting small numbers in circles by the text for the order they should be read.

Also, I think we need to put arrowheads on the dotted lines throughout and not just at the end. so from the packer > unit; from the unit > loved ones; and from loved ones > creaters/OWH

Great concept!

Dolores A. said...

A great idea for the brochure...
and probably could be used on the website too.

I agree with some of the ideas already suggested to make it clearer for anyone to understand.

Susan said...

I like it, but I also would include a written out paragraph.


my candy winner is Rhonda Miller

My Need 2 Craft said...

I agree with previous comments for clarifications. :) Looks wonderful.

Nicole said...

I had a hard time seeing where it started, and the first time I went through it went backwards.
I wonder if my putting an arrow head on the other dotted lines (like on the last one) if it would be easier to follow.
That's what I would do, where it says, "Boxes mailed to heroes" and "loved ones receive letters".

Nicole said...

Also, I don't really like the idea of putting numbers next to each step because it's a continuous cycle.

I think what made me start at the wrong side is the "How OWH Works" circle. My focus went there immediately. I like it, but will it fit somewhere else, or make it a water mark?

Nicole said...

and I think "repair" should definitely stay.
I don't think anything else needs to be added as far as information goes, because that's why the website is available and this is just a paraphrased graphic.
Besides, all the necessary information will be in the brochure. That's the point of it, no?

Nicole said...

[OK. just one more. sorry.]
I just had a thought!

I totally understand how much time and thought went into this graphic; however, what if....you changed the start location.

I feel that the "How OWH works" circle is where the natural focus is, and it's a good place for it.

What if the cycle went from right to left, instead of how it is now - left to right.

Does that make any sense? I can see it in my mind and it's brilliant.

Let me see if I can paint a picture:
Where the yellow family is, that would be the start, showing the two crafters at the table.
Then moving down where the unit is with the crafter shipping her box.

So on and so forth....
And ending with the cute yellow family, putting the arrow head on the other end of that long dotted line.

The image popped into my head, and it made more sense. I believe the eye will automatically follow the movement.

Nanette said...

I absolutely love the idea of this brochure. It is very visually appealing.

I do feel the eye flows to the "How OWH works" and that if possible reversing the order of the figures is a great idea!

When I read thru it, the things confusing to me were as mentioned above: where to start, what path was I following, the 'repair' word for the shipper duties, the green 'request for free cards' bubble.

As for the 'repair' word, I don't think it needs to be there BUT if you do, then maybe consider using the ";" after the word 'donation' to break up the thought process as you are reading it.

I wish the green bubble was 'going somewhere'. I don't know if I can explain what I mean except that I feel like it is hanging out there in limbo.

No matter how many of these posts you read, there will always be comments to change, adjust. You know what flavor you are going for! I would be happy to have these available at a card making party no matter what you decide!

Thanks for all you do!!


Missy said...

I didn't have a problem following the path. I think you are on the right track.

Juliana T said...

I think this is very understandable. I had no trouble following it. Good job!