Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday: June 23, 2011

Thank you all so much for the awesome cards - all 15,028 of them! Yes, in one week! You're keeping our shippers up at night - in a good way!

Many of the cards this month are coming from parties - we're hearing great stories of your adventures with friends! Post party pictures on our Facebook wall and we'll share some of them here too...we love seeing everyone busy creating!

For those joining us from CardMaker Magazine's Readers Reach Out: welcome! We're glad to have you. If you sent in cards and didn't get a thank-you email, that means you didn't send in a packing slip with contact information on it; it really helps us if you can fill one out. Please email your shipper to let them know your info and we can send you that receipt.
  1. Adele M, Chicago, IL
  2. Alice E, Indio, CA
  3. Alta H, Adairsville, GA
  4. Amy C and Jill C, Vernon Hills, IL
  5. Anaelisa M, Hesperia, CA
  6. Andrea B, St Paul, MN
  7. Ann F, Louisville, TN
  8. Anonymous , Aurora, CO
  9. Betty P Addiction & Behavioral Health Services, Omaha, NE
  10. Betty T, Salina, KS
  11. Brenda C, Chesapeake, VA
  12. Britany B, Tahlequah, OK
  13. Caro H, Mint Hill, NC
  14. Carol L, Lakewood, CO
  15. Carole Ann S, The Woodlands, TX
  16. Charleen L, Custer, WA
  17. Cherie C, Tacoma, WA
  18. Cherie P, Harrisonville, MO
  19. Christina E, Baltimore, MD
  20. Cindee P, Malvern, OH
  21. Cindy E and Los Gatos Elks Lodge #1857, San Jose, CA
  22. Cindy L, Kearns, UT
  23. Colleen L, Huntsville, AL
  24. Connie C, Stockton, CA
  25. Cora J, Eugene, OR
  26. Danielle F, St Joseph, MO
  27. Danny S, Anchorage, AK
  28. Danyse K, Charlotte, NC
  29. Debbie K, Casa Grande, AZ
  30. Debby S, Painesville, OH
  31. Diane B, Edina, MN
  32. Diane V, Norfolk, VA
  33. Dolores G, Mooresville, NC
  34. Dolores W, Seattle, Wa
  35. Donna H, Seekonk, MA
  36. Emily W, Redwood Valley, CA
  37. Esther E, Vancouver, WA
  38. Evelyn C, Ridgecrest, CA
  39. Gail K, Evansville, WI
  40. Gail S, Elgin, IL
  41. Gail S, Sacramento, CA
  42. Gayle S, Billings, MT
  43. Ginny C, Prescott, KS
  44. Heather S, Baltimore, MD
  45. Heather W, Tacoma, WA
  46. Janice Z, Hays, KS
  47. Jean D, West Valley City, UT
  48. Jeannine G, Gainesville, FL
  49. Jessica C and Crafty Ladies, Oroville, CA
  50. JoAnn U, Knoxville, TN
  51. Joanne T, Spring Mills, PA
  52. Joyce S, Hingham, MT
  53. Judith M, Hudson, IA
  54. Julie S, Buckley, Wa
  55. Karen K, Twin Lakes, WI
  56. Karla M, San Diego, CA
  57. Kathy C and NHC Healthcare, Rossville, GA
  58. Kathy P, White Lake, MI
  59. Kimberley M and Michael and Jordan Y, Kennewick, Wa
  60. Kristie M, Puyallup, Wa
  61. Laura P, Seatac, WA
  62. Linda B, Burien, WA
  63. Lindy C, Seattle, WA
  64. Lori B, Marietta, GA
  65. Lori M, Dudley, MA
  66. Lori W, Katy, TX
  67. Lori W, Katy, TX
  68. Margaret G, Stevenson Ranch, CA
  69. Marianne C, Naches, WA
  70. Marietta W, Akron, IA
  71. Martha C, Zephyrhills, FL
  72. Mary A, Granite City, IL
  73. Mary Jane S, Columbus, OH
  74. Mary M, Germantown, WI
  75. Mary S, Nashville, TN
  76. Maryann M, Coto de Caza, Ca
  77. Maude B, Las Cruces, NM
  78. Melinda S, Hutchinson, MN
  79. Meredith T, Zephyrhills, FL
  80. Michelle C, Laguna Woods, CA
  81. Nancy B, Wesley Chapel, FL
  82. Nancy K, Edmonds, WA
  83. Nancy M, Fremont, CA
  84. Nicole B and Pahvant Elementary, Richfield, UT
  85. Pam G Damascus Y Women, Damascus, MD
  86. Pam W and Grateful Texans, Big Spring, TX
  87. Pamela L, Mineral Bluff, GA
  88. Pamela W, Santa Clara, CA
  89. Pat K, West Richland, WA
  90. Pat T, Mansfield, TX
  91. Patty S, Santee, CA
  92. Rae R, Sauquoit, NY
  93. Randi K, Norfolk, VA
  94. Rebecca N and Scrap for a Cure, Kankakee, IL
  95. Rena H, Edgewater, MD
  96. Risa C, So Ryegate, VT
  97. Robin and Stephanie G, New York, NY
  98. Sami O, Davisburg, MI
  99. Sandee G, Waukesha, WI
  100. Sandra M, Florence, TX
  101. Sandy J, Westerville, OH
  102. Sharai H, San Antonio, TX
  103. Sheila G, Puyallup, WA
  104. Shelly D, Broken Arrow, OK
  105. Stacy B and Daughters of the American Revolution, Pasadena, CA
  106. Susan R, Stevensville, MD
  107. Susan S, Santa Ana, CA
  108. Teresa K, Vancouver, WA
  109. Theresa D, Kent, WA
  110. Trisha M, San Diego, CA
  111. Verna A, Big Stone City, SD
  112. Wendy M, Portland, OR
  113. Yukari W, Colorado Springs, CO

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