Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday: July 14, 2011

Thank you to everyone who helped to send in the 11,000 cards this week! It's crazy how many cards continue to come in....and how many wonderful and generous people help so much with financial donations too! We're getting closer to our crazy Christmas shipping season - and we're crunching numbers to see just how much we'll need to start fundraising to cover our costs....gulp! Stay tuned for the plans to come...including sales of those patches we've ordered! :)

  1. Adele H, Palm Springs, FL
  2. Anita A, Turlock, CA
  3. Anne M and Venture In Crafters, Show Low, AZ
  4. April W, Taylors, SC
  5. Barbara H, Thornton, CO
  6. Becky J and Gotta Stamp Club, Murfreesboro, TN
  7. Bev T, Burgess, VA
  8. Carmella W, Arden, NC
  9. Carol P, Peoria, AZ
  10. Charne S, Boynton Beach, FL
  11. Cherie I, Honolulu, HI
  12. Cindy O, Alameda, CA
  13. Darla B, Blaine, MN
  14. Dawn J, Caldwell, ID
  15. DeAnna G, Columbia, SC
  16. Debbie J, Rotonda West, FL
  17. Debbie M, Broken Arrow, OK
  18. Debi A and Noreen S., Pittsburgh, PA
  19. Diana H, Centennial, Co
  20. Donna K, Gainesville, MO
  21. Donna M, Chersterton, IN
  22. Donna T, Griffin, GA
  23. Edie V, Smithfield, NC
  24. Esther S, Norfolk, VA
  25. Gail M, Caron City, CO
  26. Gwen S, Cedar HIll, MO
  27. Harriet L, Vista, CA
  28. Helen S, San Diego, CA
  29. Janelle K, Aberdeen, SD
  30. Janet H, San Mateo, CA
  31. Janice J, Junction, TX
  32. Jean D, West Valley City, UT
  33. Jennifer C, San Francisco, CA
  34. Jennifer M, Marshfield, WI
  35. Jessica S and Discovery Communications, Silver Spring, MD
  36. JoAnn U, Knoxville, TN
  37. John V, Reading, PA
  38. Judith M, Hudson, IA
  39. June S, Modesto, CA
  40. Karen H, Monticello, MN
  41. Karen T and Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, Paradise, CA
  42. Kay C, Minnetonka, MN
  43. Kay D, Simpsonville, SC
  44. Kay W, Chattanooga, TN
  45. Kaye D, Indian Trail, NC
  46. Kelly P, San Diego, CA
  47. Laurie S, Wartertown, MA
  48. Liana G, Lima, NY
  49. Linda S, Denton, TX
  50. LindaLee S, Charleston, WV
  51. Lisa M, Milwaukee, WI
  52. Lois B, Casselberry, FL
  53. Lorrie B and All About Pictures, Marion, IA
  54. Lorrie B, Marion, IA
  55. Lynn D, Winamac, IN
  56. Lynn R, High River, Alberta
  57. Maeve S, Knoxville, TN
  58. Marietta W, Akron, IA
  59. Marilyn B, San Diego, CA
  60. Mary C, Glen Carbon, IL
  61. Mary Jo , Fond Du Lac, WI
  62. Mary Jo W, Milwaukee, WI
  63. Mary S, Taunton, MN
  64. Michele A, Gloria, Anita, Kris, Jean, Audrey, and Rachel, Whittier, CA
  65. Mrs R, Arlington, VA
  66. Nancy B, Delafield, WI
  67. Nicole W, Katy, TX
  68. Pai M, Ann Arbor, MI
  69. Pat C and Pacesetters HCE, Shalimar, FL
  70. Pat K, West Richland, WA
  71. Patricia F, Florissant, MO
  72. Paulette T, Orfordville, WI
  73. Pauline C, Middletown, MD
  74. Peggy A, Durham, NC
  75. Phyllis G, St PauL, MN
  76. Rae R, Sauquoit, NY
  77. Randi K, Norfolk, VA
  78. Rhonda M and Abby, Grantsville, UT
  79. Robin and Stephanie G, New York, NY
  80. Robin W, Dillon, MT
  81. Ronni U, Peoria, AZ
  82. Rosemary F, IDA, LA
  83. Rosey R, Astoria, NY
  84. Sandra G, Hillsboro, OR
  85. Sandra V, Poway, CA
  86. Sandy J, Westerville, OH
  87. Sarah O, Pittsboro, NC
  88. Sharon H, Bronson, MI
  89. Sharon M, Waterford, MI
  90. Sharon S, Houston, TX
  91. Shauna N and Mrs Cook's first graders, Woods Cross, UT
  92. Sheila L, Medina, OH
  93. Shelly K, Melbourne, FL
  94. Shirley T, Ardmore, OK
  95. Stephanie K, San Diego, CA
  96. Sue H, Fort Collins, CO
  97. Sue H, Fort Collins, CO
  98. Susan L and American Baptist East Craft Group and children's dept., Evansville, IN
  99. Susan T, Kansas City, MO
  100. Suzanne H, Lincoln, NE
  101. Tami W, Walnut Creek, CA
  102. Terri T, Watervliet, NY
  103. Thea C, Monument, CO
  104. United H, Frederick, MD
  105. Valerie R, Ventura, CA
  106. Yolanda D, Warrenton, MO
  107. Youth W, Kansas City, MO

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