Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cruise: Philipsburg, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles (St. Martin)

From your cruise afficionado, Sandy....I'm not the cruise director (that'd be Sherry!) but I'm looking through all the cruise details, and will be sharing more each weekend here. As I find out more and more about this cruise - the more exciting it sounds!

Today I'll look at one of the ports of call, where we'll be on February 7th from 8am to 6pm....this will definitely be worth getting up early in the morning for! Once you sign up you'll be given links to read more about all these fun things. I'm going to give you my own short interpretation of some of the options....there's TONS of info out there for each one, once you sign up.

Remember - the first 25 people to sign up get a gift from OWH!!!

Note that these excursions will each have a fare associated with them that isn't included in the cruise cost.

Two Island Sand and Shopping...resort and island shopping for fashion...over to a village with sidewalk cafes, palm trees, and French fashion shopping. (Ooh la la!) Then it's off to Orient Bay for some sun and sand time, swimming and snorkeling and parasailing if you choose. (I am NOT getting off the surface of the earth, I'm just sayin'...) There's a butterfly farm sure to please the kids (and the crafters!)

Half-day Catamaran sailing and snorkeling - a boat that takes 80 sunlovers out to sea! And after the last snorkel stop, rum punch and beer, island music....oh this sounds like heaven! (Those who go on the cruise can ask me about the rum punch adventure at Grand Cayman. That's one special story!)

Snorkeling at Creole imtimate snorkeling adventure on a motorboat with only 15 guests. In 8feet of water you could see a rare frogfish, puffer fish (oh my how I'd love to see one,  not just in a stamp!), barracudas, and reef fish. Nonsnorkelers can also enjoy this too with flotation belts and float boards. Whatever those are!

Rock n Roll Snorkel Safari....The mothership "Rock n Roll" will take guests through Marigot Harbor, Friars Bay, Happy Bay, and Creole Rock. I'm only guessing, but the music might please your teens?

Pirates of the Caribbean Day Sail!! Oh wow JOHNNY DEPP? Pretty please?? Well maybe not but I've always wanted to sail on a tall ship, so this could be the excursion for me. BBQ ribs and chicken, French bread and cheese, fruit....woohoo! I used to sail regular boats, so a tall ship would be a TREAT!

Private International Shopping Spree.... Do they have a stamp store?! I don't see one on the this one sounds like it's for the supershoppers out there.

Sail to Nirvana...sailing with 20 others....ahhhhh! Baie Rouge and Baie Longue are the destinations, where lots of turtles, sting ray, eel, starfish, and other critters can be seen. The boat anchors close enough to shore to swim and chill out on the beach.

Private Kunstenaars and Artistes....visiting artists and art galleries! Wow!

The rest of the excursions look to be 'private' variations on some of these other activities...beaches, shopping, sailing, touring. So if you hit the lottery, you could go wild with a custom tour of the islands!

Which do you think I should go on? Which would YOU go on if you were coming....are these excursions giving you island fever yet?


Kris Whittaker said...

If I get to go, I will find a way to do the excursion with the parasailing. I have been once, in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Absolutely loved it. If I'd had the money, I would have paid the captain for another trip...immediately. If it was that much heaven there, it has to be over the Caribbean!

DeAnna Goen said...

I would do any of the snorkeling excursions. My husband and I did a little bit of snorkeling on our honeymoon and we had a great time. I would love to do it again. :)

Cora said...

I don't do the sun. I burn. Sun screens make my skin hurt. You would see my maybe meeting the artists and galleries. Any of those other trips are not for me at all. Ha! I am a night person. I will party all night on the ship and sleep the day away while everyone else is gone. I am seriously considering this

Anonymous said...

Isn't Orient Bay 'clothing optional'? I'd stay away from that one, but I'm a red-head and burn pretty easily ;)


Deb E said...

If I go, and I'm definitely considering it, I'd do the tall ship sail. What a fun time that would be!!