Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday: August 4, 2011

Many many thanks to all who provided us with such beautiful cards this week! You all ROCK!

We've had a number of new cardmakers join us and write notes on their packing slips - so would love to address some of those questions here. If one person is asking, likely someone else would also like to know! We'll also address these a little on OWHtv this evening.

  • The tuck: Why? It would sure be "easier" to simply intermix cards and envelopes in the boxes. However - sometimes our heroes are in a hurry and they may just dump a box out on a bunk! If they're tucked, as shown, they stay together - so each card always has an envelope. To perfom the tuck, put the back of the card inside the envelope and allow the front of the card to hang out. Fold the flap backwards. If the card folds on the short side instead of long, put it all the way inside the envelope.
  • Why no handwritten sentiments? We've heard from a few wives who were taken aback by seeing a woman's handwriting on a card front - when they expected the card to be from their husbands. While they eventually do figure out it was a donated card, we want to save even the smallest amount of worry for any of our military spouses. So if you don't have a sentiment stamp or sticker, feel free to leave the card with no sentiment at all. 
  • How do you want the cards sorted? By themes really helps us! *Thinking of you, miss you, thanks, love, birthday, holiday. And separating winter from Christmas as well as Fall from Halloween and Thanksgiving also is a bonus! If you have a ton of a particular design, keeping those together helps too. Dividers can be stickynotes, scraps of paper, whatever you'd like to stick between groupings. Also - please don't turn every other card upside down; it may help you squeeze more into your boxes, but it makes a lot of trouble for shippers to turn them all back around when they arrive. Thanks for your help!
Don't forget to tune in at 6:30pm Pacific tonight for OWHtv - we'll have a special guest! Hint: He'll be in uniform! After the show is complete, we'll upload it to YouTube and remove it from uStream - so our uStream channel is bare now that everything's been converted over. You can catch reruns now on the YouTube playlist for OWHtv. Be sure to give some thumbs up and leave some comments; we already had a troll go through and 'dislike' some of them. Boohiss on trolls!

  1. Adele H, Palm Springs, FL
  2. Amber C, Hillsboro, OR
  3. Amy P, Plano, TX
  4. Angie S, Keithville, LA
  5. Ann M, Hutchinson, MN
  6. Anne N, Franklin Park, IL
  7. Annette S, Gansevoort, NY
  8. April C, Eugene, OR
  9. Arlene S, Yorba Linda, CA
  10. Barb K, Escanaba, MI
  11. Barbara G, Warrenton, VA
  12. Bernie R and and Janette A., Stewartville, MN
  13. Beverly D, Rochester, NY
  14. Brenda C, Chesapeake, VA
  15. Brenda V and LDS Antioch Stake Girls Camp and East County Military and Friends, Antioch, CA
  16. Carla M, Mineral Bluff, GA
  17. Caro H, Mint Hill, NC
  18. Cathy K, Durham, NC
  19. Cheryl B, Claypool, IN
  20. Cheryl M and Tammy, Knox, IN
  21. Cheryl Y, South Pasadena, CA
  22. Chris D and Jane M, Kathy H, and Elaine A, Apple Valley, MN
  23. Cindy D, Palatine, IL
  24. Clarissa H, Spotsylvania, VA
  25. Connie C, Stockton, CA
  26. Dawne P, Cave Creek, AZ
  27. Debbie D, Oregon City, OR
  28. Debbie G, Oak Ridge, NJ
  29. Debbie J, Rotonda West, FL
  30. Deborah R, Murrietta, CA
  31. Dolores A, Frederick, MD
  32. Donna A, Dothan, AL
  33. Donna M, Gun Barrel City, TX
  34. Emily S and Grayson U, Port Allen, LA
  35. Gala B, Blue Springs, MO
  36. Georgie M, Boardman, OH
  37. Girl Scout Troop #43249 , , MN
  38. Gretchen T and friends, Algonquin, IL
  39. Harriet C, Winston-Salem, NC
  40. Harriet L, Vista, CA
  41. Jan G and The Heartsisters, Umatilla, FL
  42. Jan R, Akron, OH
  43. Jane H, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
  44. Janelle K, Aberdeen, SD
  45. Janet M, Biddeford, ME
  46. Janice A, Bountiful, UT
  47. Jean S, St Louis Park, MN
  48. Jean S, St Louis Park, MN
  49. Jeany F, Webb City, MO
  50. Jennifer H, Laurel, MD
  51. Jill F, Bloomington, CA
  52. Joan K, Colorado Springs, CO
  53. Joan W, Tacoma, WA
  54. Joanne R, Moon Township, PA
  55. Joanne T, Bellevue, WA
  56. Josephine J, Houston, TX
  57. Joyce W, Bartlesville, OK
  58. Judith M, Hudson, IA
  59. Judy B, Cleburne, TX
  60. Judy G, Rocklin, CA
  61. Judy K, Orfordville, WI
  62. Kathy V, Olympia, WA
  63. Kathyn L, Stevens Point, WI
  64. Kelly F, Groton, CT
  65. KellyRae C, Coolidge, AZ
  66. Kendall F, Lawrenceburg, IN
  67. Kerri P, Panama City, FL
  68. Kerry W, Villa Park, IL
  69. Kimberly K and children at Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library, Northumberland, PA
  70. Kristie M, Puyallup, Wa
  71. Laurel W, Oroville, CA
  72. Laurie B, Waukesha, WI
  73. Laurie W, Evans, GA
  74. Lina W, El Paso, TX
  75. Linda B and and Fran M., East Brunswick, NJ
  76. Linda D, Murrells Inlet, SC
  77. Linda H, Blue Springs, MO
  78. Linda K, Grant, MI
  79. Linda L, Barrington, IL
  80. Linda S, Santa Monica, CA
  81. Linda W, Troy, IL
  82. Lori B, Marietta, GA
  83. Lorrie B and All About Pictures, Marion, IA
  84. Mali C, El Cerrito, CA
  85. Marcia G, Seminole, FL
  86. Marian J, Huber Heights, OIH
  87. Martha B, Santa Rosa, CA
  88. Mary E, San Rafael, CA
  89. Mary P, Mt Vernon, IL
  90. Melanie L, Everett, WA
  91. Michele A and Gloria, Anita, Pat, Nivia, and Kris, Whittier, CA
  92. Michelle B, Stillman Valley, IL
  93. Missionfish
  94. Nancy S, Palm Harbor, FL
  95. Northshore M, Brimley, MI
  96. P. T, Orange Lake, FL
  97. Pam D, Medford, OR
  98. Pamela B, Newport News, VA
  99. Pamela C, Bridgeville, PA
  100. Pamela L, Mineral Bluff, GA
  101. Pat H, Kent, WA
  102. Patricia A, Tulsa, OK
  103. Peggy B, Pacifica, CA
  104. Peggy E, Neillsville, WI
  105. Peggy M, Cody, Wy
  106. Penny D, Auburn, ME
  107. Polly R and Linda R, Peoria, AZ
  108. RA H, Goodyear, AZ
  109. Robin a, New York, NY
  110. Rosie H, Florence, OR
  111. Ruth Ann G, Gilbert, AZ
  112. Sandra R, Manchester, MO
  113. Sandy B and Jen A., Sheboygan, WI
  114. Sandy B, Neshkoro, WI
  115. Sandy J, Westerville, OH
  116. Sarah M, Winter Park, FL
  117. Sarah M, Winter Park, FL
  118. Sarah O, Arlington, TN
  119. Sharon B, Cahokia, IL
  120. Sharon M, Waterford, MI
  121. Sue L and and the Everett, PA Gang, Everett, PA
  122. Susan F and Checkered Cottage, Kirkwood, MO
  123. Susan R, Stevensville, MD
  124. Susan T, Kansas City, MO
  125. Sybilla G and and Eileen K., Gilbertsville, PA
  126. Tammy A, Aurora, CO
  127. Tammy F and Cheryl, North Judson, IN
  128. Teresa C, Olympia, WA
  129. Tina A, Winter Springs, FL
  130. Tracy Z, Honolulu, HI
  131. Victoria S, Albuquerque, NM


Anonymous said...

What if turning cards around prevents the backs of envelopes from sticking together? Always worried that if the glue from envelope sticks to card front, that card is RUINED.

Sandy said...

That's possible, but there's a significantly bigger problem with embellishments ripping off embellishments than envelope glue doing a thing. Moisture is needed for the glue to stick to something, whereas just rubbing against each other makes some cards lose bling, ribbon, layers - and then we have hospital work.

Anonymous said...

What was the card total for this week?

Operation Write Home said...

17,811 for just this past week.... :)