Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cruise: BIG Announcement & another excursion review

It's time to review another set of port excursions! I hope you're all getting excited...if you haven't signed up yet, get rolling! Oh wait - sailing! :)

Before we get a taste of the Wednesday excursions...check out the exciting announcement in this weekend's 4minute vlog....we have a very special guest attending our cruise! If you've been on the fence so far, you might just want to sign up right away before our spots fill up in the craft room!

We're so thrilled that Jennifer is coming with us! We're such a little organization in the big scheme of crafting - this is a huge feather in our cap! And now...on to the excursion review!

By the way - the info on our excursions is available here - the descriptions here are my quick reviews of the detailed info on the Royal Caribbean website, so click to read more details and book excursions!

On Wednesday, February 8, we'll be docking at Basseterre, St Kitts/Nevis, and have a variety of excursion options to choose from. (You can also go to a number of sites online and plan  your own excursion - many have reviews, contact information, and special pricing...but the ones here are provided by Royal Carribbean.)

First up is a Beach Extravaganza....perfect for beach bums who want to work on a tan! Chairs, beverages, transportation - and hopefully plenty of SUN!

Panoramic St Kitts - a tour of historical Basseterre, gardens, a batik factory, a botanical paradise, and a scenic drive to a hill overlooking Frigate Bay - sounds like inspiration for cardmaking when you're back on board!

There's another "Essential" St Kitts tour - visiting the gardens and batik studios, and an exploration of the 300 year-old Brimstone Hill well!

Or you might be the type to visit a Caribbean Plantation from the 18th century with its beautiful gardens! Then it's a nice stop at the beach for some relaxing in the sun and water.

The Fairview Greathouse trip will also sport some lovely gardens to inspire you...and end with a trip to the beach. Sensing a theme? Bet there are some beautiful beaches here!

Interested in nature? How about the Eco Explorer tour! Hiking through nature and learning about local flowering plants and shrubs....they say it's "long enough to enjoy, short enough to be comfortable."

You can also see the island in an Island Adventure 4x4 Safari! Take an Ex-British Army Troop Truck on a tour of some breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Another great nature trip is the Rainforest Adventure...llush mountain forest, rich biodiversity. This trip includes some other stops as well - and sampling of local fruits in season. Yum!

And for the snorkelers - check out the virgin reefs "abundantly alive" with an array of fish, corals, fans and sponges.

So who's ready to book! This is going to be one fabulous adventure!

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ThePurplePlace said...

Lucky, Lucky Girls!! Jennifer is absolutely one of my favorite designers and I so WISH, I could go!!

You'll have sooooo much FUN! Happy Crafting and Happy Cruiser!! I hope you all have a fabulous TIME

A dream !! :)

PS: Sandy - I think you look AL ready to PAR-TAY!!