Thursday, October 13, 2011

AnyHero kids mail...sweet

By Girl Scout students in Elk Grove, CA....thanks to Seongsook for sharing!

Dear Hero,
Thank you for your service. There aren't many people in the world that will do what you're doing. Your so thoughtful. You are one of the bravest people I know. Be Safe and stay proud. Love, Sara from Elk Grove, CA

Dear Soldgiers,
You remind me of the autum leaves. Their trying to hold on and some do and some don't. I hope you hold on to that tree. Afhghanastan will lose. I know they will. Those Afghanastan meanies remind me of crumpled leaves. You are my hero. I wish I had a award to give you.
hopes and dreams,
Isabella J.
P.S. Good Luck! :)

Dear Soldlers,
Make sure you be safe. Thanks you fiting for our country. I hope you win. You are a hero.
from Sophia

I'm really glad you're at Afghanstan. Protecting us. Please be save and don't get hurt. :)
From Abby

Dear Soldiers,
always stay safe. Good luck and support America. I hope you like this card. I am 10 years old in Elk Grove California. YOU R A HERO!
Love, Arianna

Dear Soldiers,
Thank you for serving our country. I know you might be scared but you are doing a great thing for so many people. I know your family if proud of you!
Love, Eliza

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