Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby baby baby you're outta tiiiimmmeee......

That old Rolling Stones song has been running through my feels like the behinder I get, the behinder I get! :) Here's your weekend vlog...enjoy ;)

A couple updates for you:

  • OWH Cardmaking Cruise -
    • Our secret Facebook group is a hoot! We still have some cruisers who haven't joined us there - if you want to be part of the goofiness, send me a friend request and I'll add you. Only if you're cruising with us though - if you still want to sign up, do it quick! You'll miss out on the pool tournament! 
    • Donations are coming in! Wahoo is this going to be FUN. Our sponsor logos are getting added to the cruise website; we're sharing a little more info in the secret fb group!
  • Christmas card deadline is COMING UP!! They're due October get them in quickly. Our shippers have a lot of processing to please help out:
    • stamp the backs with our name (or use a label)
    • line dark cards - our heroes have no white pens!
    • tuck the cards in envelopes (tuck 1 or 2, either is great!)
    • doublecheck for glitter - it'll quarantine your whole box
    • include a completed packing slip! We have no extra time to count your cards for you.
  • CHA! It may seem early for January planning...but we've got some legwork ahead. We've been invited to have a booth in the nonprofit area of the CHA trade can't imagine how excited we are! Last July's show brought forth a lot of great things for us...stay tuned for details in a few months as things start shakin'!


Alexandra Lundgren said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- kleenex alert!!! Love the MRI thank you - how creative!

Cindy said...

Thanks so much for the much-needed giggle this morning. I loved the thank you cards (the MRE was great!), and if you figure out how to store (bank) extra time, please let me know! Be looking for box of cards from me next week. Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I laughed out loud! Then that made the dog start to bark and he thought something was happening, so he ran through the house barking. That made me laugh again, and of course, I was drinking iced tea, which came out my nose. I did manage to turn my head, so the keyboard was saved!!!! yeah! Keep up the rants! I enjoy the "things" too!

Anonymous said...

Love your rants! If you find the time store I need to invest in some too!! Love Punch! Such a typical cat!

SuzAnn said...

OMG it took me a minute to realize what you were sounded normal in my head, lol! I want the address or URL for that time store! You are too funny, my friend!

Rufus said...

LOL!! Loved this weeks rant, I'm sure that we all know how you feel, although I must admit I think you juggle more than any other 4 people. Already got my box of Christmas/other to Dixie a couple of weeks ago, stamped, lined, tucked, sorted, no glitter. Loved the MRE card, so cool that they're loving the cards and the kids are too!