Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cruisin', tshirts, and more

Goooooooood weekend to you all! Sandy here with a couple quick updates. It's been just a little crazy with having been on vacation this week, so I hope these thoughts come out coherently...I apologize for being scattered lately, but this happens every year during our heavy shipping season...I just seem to forget that it occurs yearly!

  • Cruise update! I am getting SO excited. (Even though on vacation I gained back a couple of pounds I had lost, lol!)
    1. Email - Later today I hope to get an email out to everyone who's signed up for the cruise with a survey - I want YOUR input on what you want to do, classes you'd like to have, all sorts of fun ideas. If it doesn't go out today, look for it later this week. I need to pick pumpkins with a sweet little girl, so it depends on what time I get back :)
    2. Stuck on GlueDots - We got an AWESOME donation of more GlueDots than we'd ever be able to use on one cruise - lol! LOVE being overrun by great boxes like those. Thanks so much, GlueDots!!!
    3. Signup - If you haven't signed up yet but are thinking of going, please let me know asap! Every time I ask, more people tell me they're still pondering, so I hope you all raise your muffins* soon! I'm recruiting donations and ordering OWH craft totes for us, so I want to be sure to get all that we need.
  • Patches! It's been brought to my attention that some people have thought that a donation of over $10 means they get a patch automatically. Nope. You need to let us know you do want one by sending an AnyHero card and a nice big clear note that you want a patch (so our shippers don't miss it when they enter your donation.) If you had thought you were getting one, you can request one with your next package.
  • Fundraising update: Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful response to the Jedi Kittens vlog a few weeks ago! You are rallying to help our heroes, and that is AWESOME. Keep up the great work!
  • TSHIRTS!!!!!! Yes, I've been telling you for a while I've been working on them, and yes, I finally got a sample in the mail yesterday! Still needs some tweaking and now we need to get the site set up, but stay tuned soon. Watch OWHtv this Thursday night (6:30pm Pacific) to see me sporting the first ever official OWH tshirt!!
And now...your weekly vlog:
*Don't know what raising a muffin means? Handraising. Yeah, I have weird phrases from my past that crop up now and again. LOL! You can thank some bizarre college friends for the muffins.


airbornewife said...

oh wow.. Tshirts.. I will definitely buy some of them. I wish I could go on the cruise, but with my husband attending the Sergeants Major Academy and an adult daughter at home that needs to be supervised at all times (she has cerebral palsy), it makes where I can't go.. maybe next time. I am including another donation in my boxes for a patch.

Thank you SO much all that you do for our military, It is greatly appreciated by many. ~ Pam

Paula S. said...

Great updates on everything, thanks Sandy! I can't watch OWHtv live (doesn't on stream well on my DSL... I could upgrade but that would mean smaller donations to OWH so I haven't yet) but hopefully I can go watch the you tube of it within th next week or two to see the shirt :)

This v-llog is great with the demo tucks by the way!

Samantha said...

Wow so much exciting stuff, I really hope you have a great turn out this year on the cruise bc my hubby and I want to join in the fun next year (just moved and switched jobs no vacation time:() I can't wait to watch Thursday but I really need to figure out how to join in the fun on UStream.