Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Letter from the President

Dear OWH family,

Sandy Allnock
I am so very excited to present you with our Annual Review celebrating our accomplishments in 2011! Our gratitude for your amazing support is not only from those of us at OWH—myself, our volunteer shippers, our board of directors—but from our heroes themselves. Just spend some time on the Hero Blog and soak in the thanks in their own words!

As I spent time reviewing the data from the year, and remembering back to so many wonderful things that happened for us, I was truly humbled by all that has come our way. And the numbers may be impressive, but each one of the numbers represents people—and our people, both our donors and our beneficiaries, are the best.

In no way did I ever imagine this little project started on a message board and a blog would grow this way, or engender the passion in so many people with such big hearts.

Just last night, I was interviewed for Paper Trey Ink's podcast, and as the hostess' questions brought up answers of such scale — I could hardly believe it myself, even though I've lived through it. Who would be able to imagine just how many cards are made and donated every week? Or who would guess how many heroes - about 200 units served at any given time, every 6 weeks - we would be keeping up with? Or that all the costs would be so generously donated for shipping, postal supplies, triage tools and materials, website maintenance - plus our adventures at the Craft and Hobby Association tradeshow? The support of individuals and companies is nothing short of amazing - and it's an honor to see how America has stepped up to serve those who so bravely serve us.

So...please accept my heartfelt thanks. And keep on with your own personal mission, joined with ours: helping our heroes keep in touch with card at a time, until they all come home.

Humbly yours,
Sandy Allnock, President, Operation Write Home

Please enjoy this graphical review of 2011 - and be sure to share the link with others!

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