Saturday, February 25, 2012

About card quantities....update!

Hello everyone!

We're getting lots of questions about the change from "don't send as many cards" at the last part of 2011, to our need right now for a lot more.

No one could be more surprised than us that we have more contacts now than before our heroes in Iraq redeployed home. We were sure the need was going to drop by at least 25% or more. But - requests have instead increased!

Many crafters decided to stop making cards entirely rather than just reduce their quantity by a little; our mail has dropped drastically through January and Febriary. :( So we've been extending the time between boxes from 5 or 6 weeks to 8 weeks or more for each unit—and getting emails asking when their next boxes will get there, since they're used to a shorter turnaround. We also have over 20 new units on our waiting list - in addition to each shipper's regular rotation of 60 or 70 units that need restocking.

Please do keep up with making and sending in cards...we'll try to keep you apprised if requests change, but since we never know when we'll get a bunch of emails coming in requesting cards, we're never completely sure of what we'll need. If things do start tapering, we'll let you know!

Thank you for understanding!

PS Don't forget to keep up the quality we focused on in 2011. It's been making a big difference! While we know some folks hear that our waiting list is growing and want to make hundreds or thousands of cards, quality is still very important. It doesn't help if the cards are put together so hurriedly that they crumble when they arrive at our shippers' mailboxes, or if they're full of cards our heroes won't be using. The guidelines are all here if you need a refresher! Thanks!


Rhonda Miller said...

Thank you for sharing this. I have so many cards to send, but have been short in postage. I'll see if I can't get something sent to you soon.

Sarah said... me Id be happy to help you out. :)

Desert Rose Stamper said...

Will be getting some out in the mail next week!

Rufus said...

Working up a box! Will try to get it in the mail this coming week.

Cynthia T said...

thanks for the reminder!

Candy said...

sorry i am hoarding over hear. I just thought i would wait till i got a nice big box.

Anonymous said...

I have my box ready to go with the mothers/fathers day cards as well as a variety of other cards. Will mail out beginning of week.

Ginny (surfing)

StampinSher said...

Thank you for the updates and I hope to be sending you some cards in the very near future.