Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday: March 1, 2012

Goooooooood Thursday to you all! Many thanks go out to those who are helping us catch up on our waiting list units and keep up with those we've got already in're a big blessing to so many people!!

Today's Thursday, of course, and it's OWHtv day - so don't forget to tune in to the show tonight.

It's also the first day of March....and we've got something different we'll be trying on Facebook for you. We've had SUCH a big response to the card shares on OWHtv - crafters are loving the simple changes they see that they can make to their cards to make big improvements - so we're sharing some 'before/afters' all month. Each of the pairs is made by me (Sandy) - and will hopefully show you how to take a simple card, sometimes one with sneeze, or something that could just use a little dressing up....and do just a small something to give it a punch. It'll be a bit of work to do it for each day, but the designs will be pretty simple ones so I can keep up! This is today's pair...starting out with a bit of sticker sneeze, brought together with some simple punched circles for organization, and the detail of rounded corners.

After the month, we'll do what we do with all the Facebook cards - put them in our card gallery. That way those who don't follow along on Facebook, and those who don't watch OWHtv, can still get a taste of what we've been doing and learning. *and yes, I'm learning along with you all! You have no idea what it takes me to put together cards that step up one notch each's a learning curve for me too!*

Haven't seen the card gallery? Oh my! Go check it out here!

Thank you to all this week's crafters!!
  1. Amy V, Newport Beach,CA
  2. Barbara N, Chambersburg,PA
  3. Bethany Lutheran Church , Kaukauna,WI
  4. Bev T, San Francisco,CA
  5. Cara S, Phoenix,AZ
  6. Caro H, Mint Hill,NC
  7. Carol E, Bellefontaine,OH
  8. Cheryl Y, South Pasadena,CA
  9. Cilla F, Blue Springs,MO
  10. Cindy S, Reading,PA
  11. Dawn J, Caldwell,ID
  12. Debbie A, Irvine,CA
  13. Debbie J, Rotonda West,FL
  14. Debby M, Las Cruces,NM
  15. Debora Q, Blairsville,GA
  16. Denise W, Pueblo,CO
  17. Donna C, Arlington,TX
  18. Donna C, Port Washington,NY
  19. Donna H, Seekonk,MA
  20. Donna S and The Door Christian Fellowship, Tucson, AZ
  21. Gala B and St Peter United Methodist Church, Blue Springs, MO
  22. Jane E, Garden Grove,CA
  23. Janet H, Danville,CA
  24. Janine D, Wind Lake,WI
  25. Jean N, Newcastle,WA
  26. Jeanette F, Livonia,MI
  27. Jeanne J, St Maries,ID
  28. Joan T, Breezy Point,NY
  29. Joan T, Breezy Point,NY
  30. Joan W, Tacoma,WA
  31. JoAnn B, Roseburg,OR
  32. John V, Reading,PA
  33. Judith M, Hudson,IA
  34. Judy K, Orfordville,WI
  35. Julie M, West Chester,IA
  36. Kaki D, Lacombe,LA
  37. Kari M and Osseo Area Schools (Woodland), Brooklyn Park, MN
  38. Kathy H, Ocala,FL
  39. Kathy P, White Lake,MI
  40. Katie H, Chicago,IL
  41. Kristen H, Palatine,IL
  42. Krystal M and Archiver's, Novi, MI
  43. Laura C, Park Rapids,MN
  44. Laura C, University Place,WA
  45. Laura N, Dinuba,CA
  46. Laura S, Charlotte,NC
  47. Linda K, Grant,MI
  48. Linda P, Madison,OH
  49. Lindy C, Seattle,WA
  50. Lori B, Marietta,GA
  51. Lori R, Beavercreek,OH
  52. Lori W, Federal Way,WA
  53. Lori W, Katy,TX
  54. Lori W, Katy,TX
  55. Lori W, Katy,TX
  56. Lowri M, Blenheim,
  57. Madonna N, Westminster,CO
  58. Margaret J, Mishawaka,IN
  59. Martha M, Novi,MI
  60. Mary A, Port Arkansas,TX
  61. Mary S, Taunton,MN
  62. Megan W, Burlington,NC
  63. Melissa T, Yorba Linda,CA
  64. Michelle B, McMechen,WV
  65. Mickie Q, Madison,OH
  66. Microsoft , Princeton,NJ
  67. Nancy F, Trexlertown,PA
  68. Pamela N, Virginia Beach,VA
  69. Pat J, Woodinville,WA
  70. Pat K, West Richland,WA
  71. Patricia B, Winchester,VA
  72. Patty N, Mountlake Terrace,WA
  73. Phyllis Z and Lincoln Hills Paper Arts Group, Lincoln, CA
  74. Polly P, St Paul,MN
  75. Rachel D, Cheektowaga,NY
  76. Rachel G, Central Islip,NY
  77. Raeanna S, Phoenix,AZ
  78. Robin and Stephanie G, New York,NY
  79. Sandi F and Girl Scouts, St Cloud, MN
  80. Shelley B, San Mateo,CA
  81. Sherri S, Vienna,VA
  82. Stampers C and Stampers Corner, Elk Grove, CA
  83. Susan D, Tinley Park,IL
  84. Susan H, Whippany,NJ
  85. Susan R, Stevensville,MD
  86. Valerie G, Amherst,MA
  87. WCCW and WA Corrections Center for Women, Gig Harbor, WA

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