Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday: April 5, 2012

It's Thursday....and we're so grateful as always for your support! Ciara wanted to share this card from Kim with you today...what a good owner Charlie is....he's got an OWHer's heart!

And I wanted to let you know, if you hadn't seen it yet - that last weekend's vlog was an April Fools joke! I truly wasn't expecting that many people to watch the first video on their smart devices and not see part 2; when watching a video with clickable annotations on one of those devices, the annotations don't appear. So....uhm. Yeah. Joke was on me! ha :) If you missed them, here are the links:

And yes, the PS about the brown cards - joke. Glitter factory - joke. Ellen - joke! However....brown cards are always welcome...they're usually unisex or masculine, and we rarely get enough. Glitter doesn't matter anyway since we can't send cards with glitter. And Ellen? Well, you can go send her a note here and tell her she needs a cardmaking class on her show! :)

And now, our list of amazing crafters who sent in cards this all ROCK!
  1. Barbara H, Enterprise, OR
  2. Barbara L, Santa Cruz, CA
  3. Barbara R, Big Bear Lake, CA
  4. Barbara S, Moorpark, CA
  5. Bertie G, LuVerne, IA
  6. Carol H, Cincinnati, OH
  7. Carol O, Phoenix, AZ
  8. Carol P, Cushing, MN
  9. Cathy W, Elbert, CO
  10. Cheryl B, Manchester, NH
  11. Chris C, Chicago, IL
  12. CJ P, Wichita Falls, TX
  13. Colleen O, Annandale, VA
  14. Corrie G, Alexandria, VA
  15. Cynthia T, Lemon Grove, CA
  16. Debbi M, West Des Moines, IA
  17. Dee M, Puyallup, WA
  18. Diane S, Morrisville, NC
  19. Diane V, Norfolk, VA
  20. Elaine H, Keene, NH
  21. Elaine T, Lake Stevens, WA
  22. Erika P, West Jordan, UT
  23. Gai J, Dallas, TX
  24. Gail J, Wading River, NY
  25. Gail S, Sacramento, CA
  26. Garnet P, Lynden, WA
  27. Georgie M, Boardman, OH
  28. Gloria G and Card Makin' Cuties, Fairland, IN
  29. Irene S, Silverdale, WA
  30. Jacqueline S, Gilbert, AZ
  31. Janice J, Junction, TX
  32. Janis P and Crazy Croppers, Springfield, MO
  33. Jean D, West Valley City, UT
  34. Jean N, Newcastle, WA
  35. Jean S, St Louis Park, MN
  36. Joan J, Lodi, CA
  37. Joan T, Adkins, TX
  38. Joan T, Breezy Point, NY
  39. Joan W, Tacoma, WA
  40. JoAnn B, Roseburg, OR
  41. Jocelyn G, Romulus, MI
  42. John V, Reading, PA
  43. Juanita W, Plant City, FL
  44. Judie F, Coeur d'Alene, ID
  45. Judith M, Hudson, IA
  46. Judy K, Orfordville, WI
  47. Karen G and Lone Tree Church of Christ, Sedalia, CO
  48. Karen Z, Lawrenceville, GA
  49. Kathie G, West Covina, CA
  50. Kathleen G, Watervliet, NY
  51. Kathleen S, Visalia, CA
  52. Kathy C, Rossville, GA
  53. Kitty W, Swansea, SC
  54. Leslie S, Greenfield, IN
  55. Lily H, Pittsburgh, PA
  56. Linda B, East Brunswick, NJ
  57. Linda R, Glenville, NY
  58. Lisa O, Montrose, MI
  59. Lori H, Narragansett, RI
  60. Lynne S, Gainesville, FL
  61. Margaret P, Oakdale, CT
  62. Marian J, Huber Heights, OH
  63. Mary E, San Rafael, CA
  64. MaryKay A, Oklahoma City, OK
  65. Maxine N, Wentzville, MO
  66. Melanie L, Everett, WA
  67. Melissa T, Yorba Linda, CA
  68. Mindy A, West Friendship, MD
  69. Nancy G, Brookfield, WI
  70. Nancy R, Kent, Wa
  71. Nancy T, Hoover, AL
  72. Nancy Y and friends, Campbell, CA
  73. Nicole B and Mom, Richfield, UT
  74. Nikki S, Cuba, MO
  75. Pam B, Mesquite, TX
  76. Pamela B, Newport News, VA
  77. Pat B, Stroudsburg, PA
  78. Pat W, Ontario, NY
  79. Pati N, Calhan, CO
  80. Patricia B, Winchester, VA
  81. Patricia H, Verona, VA
  82. Patricia W, Philadelphia, PA
  83. Paula P, Rathdrum, ID
  84. Polly P, St Paul, MN
  85. Prue T, Orange Lake, FL
  86. Rebecca F, Monroe, MI
  87. Robin G, Hayden, ID
  88. Robin M, Oconomowoc, WI
  89. Rose Marie S, New Lenox, IL
  90. Salm Stake Activity Day Girls , Salem, UT
  91. Sandy B, Neshkoro, WI
  92. Sandy D, Hanover, PA
  93. Sharon B, Cahokia, IL
  94. Sharon J-F, Stafford, VA
  95. Sharon S, Pahrump, NV
  96. Sheila L, Medina, OH
  97. Stephanie A, Mesilla Park, NM
  98. Susan F and Checkered Cottage, Kirkwood, MO
  99. Susan H, Arvada, CO
  100. Susan R, Stevensville, MD
  101. Susan W, McKinney, TX
  102. SuzAnn S, Salt Lake City, UT
  103. Sylvia S, Stone Mountain, GA
  104. Tere G, Stanton, TX
  105. Teresa M, Warner Robins, GA
  106. United H, Frederick, MD
  107. Verna A, Big Stone City, SD
  108. Victoria M, Carlsbad, CA
  109. Wilma B, Haughton, LA


Donna Nuce said...

Ok I got the joke about Ellen and the glitter but I didn't think the brown cards were a joke. Fooled me!

Mary L said...

Nope, you got me with all three...I almost went out and stocked up on my glitter then I thought, all that glitter can't come out of just one factory much less a Unicorn's brown cards, thought that was real, and I really thought the Ellen show was real because she should have you on for everything you do, but then with that much publicity, you would have twice the cards to process...oh, my! lol...
Good joke on me though, I completely fell...
Mary Lovill